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Little Big Soldier

Two really interesting and thought provoking comments on 'Little Big Soldier'...
When Jackie Chan has passed to know fate of the years, he and the audience are facing a real problem: Jackie Chan no longer suitable for hard of; Jackie Chan is restructuring, to find a suitable way of drama into line with the audience's expectations.

The audience is not a heartless things, but for Jackie Chan's comic titles that year difficult deep-rooted impression of movement, so "Shinjuku Incident" to give up acting Dark Humor founding the movement to abandon the transformation was not successful. But the new as "Private Game" play way to go is very successful, as Jackie Chan return to their own traditions: Peking Opera. A child he was training under the tutelage of Peking opera, with Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Corey Yuen Shi brothers undergo rigorous training in traditional opera stage, he and Lee Hom This is the "Private Game" is like a play in the old opera-wu ugly and Xiaosheng, two relations are deep-seated antagonists, action, and also worked closely with Jackie Chan has been maintained since the vaudeville features, flying stone lever folding Daojian used a variety of interesting props, and gestures are still flexible, action scenes, filmed in Hollywood definitely more than many of those good-looking, and Wang Lee Hom "fair duel" a blend of the United States is more silent, Japanese samurai films and opera stage, clowns physical skills, is enough to recall the golden age of Jackie Chan style. Multi-site full of chase scenes, the game is still fun, a sense of tension and even a fall off a cliff of death-defying camera - indeed, this is we are familiar with Jackie Chan, himself as a move designed to force a play to keep the inherent level of the relative.

"Private Game" is known as "costume Road movie", all the way encountered the pursuing soldiers, bandits, savage, sage, song Kabuki mixed crowd, of course, numerous adventure, but the convoluted, in fact, the pattern can also be changed to do the stage, two-step 1000 Shan Wan Shui, Wu Liubu mighty force. The story simple, the main line capable, clear-cut theme. Jackie Chan played either accustomed to ordinary people, but this "soldier" They are different, is not only a battlefield Lao Youtiao, but both peasant-style simplicity, cunning, and persistence, captured the enemy's general state long and difficult journey back home, only a few acres of fertile farmland for Ling Shang , along the way how you offer all kinds of temptation worth of hard, can not stop me the way home, but if the country broken home gone? Jackie Chan played live this "soldier" is also implemented in recent years has been committed to "edutainment" approach, in order to repeatedly emphasized that "as long as alive, unlucky Ye Hao, injury Ye Hao, all came good" and immediate return home-grown crops and the singing of the lines, colors to convey a strong anti-war universal outlook on life.

Video final outcome is very subtle, as one Zhiqiu stable "fritters GIs" Jackie Chan choose "what country seen their homes destroyed," Chi has swallowed the world's "belligerent teenager," Wang Lee Hom as the Queen was "not a fight", the two options seemingly Different Ways, but in reality Tonggui Kabuki for the song piece of wooden hanging in the trees of God: peace. Only peace, people can live in peace, as to what is for peace, it can be their own choice. From this point of view, "Private Game" in fact the theme of the concept of Zhang Yimou's "Hero" is very similar even to the last closed-captioning has Bacheng similar to Jackie Chan has always hoped to work with Zhang, and now it seems the most appropriate film .

Objectively speaking, "Private Game" both entertaining and educational, is a concentrated distillation of Jackie Chan-style, although some dialogue, singing, props repeatedly emphasized the somewhat intentionally, but nonetheless commendable sincerity. And let me feel very sorry that the "Private Game" on a number of actors some "overkill", "master" in the glory and the "saints" Niu Ben appearance that is disappearing, "Messenger" Baoqiang this "what circumstances" the strongest funny If a few more games such as drama, comedy part of the film can be more than "three shots", and pity.

Pure Jackie Chan movie not see the big screen in the Mainland has been a long time. "Baby Plan" is from now the latest one, that is what happened in 2006.
Jackie Chan in three years out of film speed is not slow, but for some reason either of these films is difficult admission line, or the inclusion of some "smelly" and similar goods, impure, "Rush Hour 3" is always the cook to do the Hollywood Western , "The Forbidden Kingdom" is out of thin air making a "double J" fan's expectations, "Shinjuku Incident" surprisingly good grass-roots people break in the world, it is regrettable, "the whole group of Heroes die out" really dark, so that the wind is blowing Harmony mainland cinemas too much. Now the "Private Game", clowns and heroes strange combination of pride and once again a surge of Rujiabaohuan Chan breath blowing.
Beginning in 2003, Jackie Chan has been working to seek a breakthrough: "The Medallion" was killed inside a round trip, breaking the myth of immortality; "New Police Story," where large Biao tears, breaking the hero the legend of bloody without tears; "myth" where great generals wear the costume into a powerful, breaking the only law of the fashion action movie. Is Now, "Private Game" is no longer the action-comedy, while Jackie Chan's frolic-style fighting is still, people have heart of breathtaking shots, but its density and intensity have been greatly dampened. This time, Jackie Chan's theme is "hard to leave their homeland." "Private" Jackie Chan Born on the chaotic, war-torn every day to live a life today, not tomorrow, but he found time to sing "a road leads to my house, and five mu farmland rape" and has repeatedly stressed the pastoral idyll and the right The sense of family in without some nostalgia.
This is already very close to the values advocated by mainstream society, and became a warm contemporary movie directors work hand in hand the idea: "wheat" in the Rui Qin Shi HUANG Jue-1 to the season is necessary to "escape from home income of wheat," "I Don Chao brothers "inside the robber JIANG Wu thousand from farm work to" mind the extra light and spacious. " Always deeply emotionally attached to the land of the farmers driven to the battlefield, always so that they cherished home wheat and rape, but also always allow them to be difficult after the Ru Yuan Xuerouhengfei the athletic field. After reading "Private Game", you seem to feel a community of Hong Kong people have grown up traces of film, but rather is an unbreakable bond with the land with the express feelings of mainland directors.
However, the stripping of these innovative ideas to get rid of the elements, that are familiar with Jackie Chan has not disappeared, and his classic appeal that also flows in the movie where the blood and bone marrow. "Private Game" name is evidence of soldiers of course, the bulk of soldiers means teenager's age did not, but here there is another layer of meaning: in order to soldiers as the big and small will be. In the Jackie Chan films grow in all future years, sat, pious personalities who must be exposed to suit the following "small", but fear to avoid a knife sword, greedy for wealth and lecherous little people came to a critical juncture of life and death is a major sense of light, raising the Invisible Target.
In the "Private Game", the "General" Lee Hom again and again contemptuously called "Private" Jackie Chan "little man", but to a life and death every time little people to save him escape. VIPs are always engaged in simple things complicated, two brothers in the "no hair of children with" the instigation of killing each other, little people have brains firm, he served as a MM, bandits, savage highway, that is, refused to stop to go home with these creatures. Upon completion of teenager's probation after the soldiers contented way onto the steps of his home, waiting for his body was Luanjian wear. The sudden death of the noble little people, films also take this completed complaint of war. Incidentally, in the recent "Shinjuku Incident" and "Private Game", the former "The Immortal hero" Jackie Chan mortality rate 100%, which is also Jackie Chan's films rarely resort to metaphysical speculative movements to simplify the work .
In recent years, like the vast majority of costume dramas such as "Private Game" art style of the "disgraced" as the keynote, all the figures in an environment of extreme hardship struggling and strife. In the "Heroes" and "Heaven and Earth Hero" era, a large costume to fresh clothing angry horses and beautiful country of Aspect. To "Seven Swords" beginning of a change in the Rough seven strange sword and desolation of the world Xingxiazhangyi. To "The Warlords," where, from the governor down to the Caomin everybody unkempt, as beggars. By 2009, the "polluter clothing faction" costume piece is an exam in droves into the city. Jackson is a romantic realist martial arts martial arts films have been replaced by Chinese silk clothing and tattered clothes were also covered.
In the late nineties of the last century, the Spring Festival Queen's time to file is Jackie Chan's "Rumble in the Bronx" "Thunderbolt" "a good man" "Who am I," have set off depression in the film warm waves. The first years of this century, Jackie Chan movie to change time slots in the "National Day", "New Police Story" "myth" have in the recovery of the shadow city act as a pioneer. The past three years, and the audience to see the activities of public interest and which serves more than Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan in the big screen to see when the little minds growing suspicion. Today, the "Private Game" Hui Chinese New Year stall, sounded the first foray by packing the old rivers and mountains.


I am really eagerly looking forward to this movie with great anticipation!


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