Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jackie in Guangzhou today

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Lin Peng

Seung Jun

300 free movie tickets

following Shenzhen, Fuzhou, the January 27 afternoon, Jackie Chan, "Little Big Soldier" road show was held in Guangzhou, attracting large audiences onlookers. Portable film starring Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, Seung Jun and the New Seven Little Fortunes Taiwan unveiled, thanks support from their fans, apart from a promotional video for Jackie Chan, Big Brother will not forget to cultivate new to talk about casting the original "insider."

Fans engaged in "trick" 100

Rarely appear in the supermarkets outdoor plaza attracts fans of Jackie Chan's pursuit of view, apart from the venue was crowded around outside the bridge crossing the road is also jammed with fans, the fans even more agile way to climb trees, branches, we To glimpse of Jackie Chan's style, Shashi spectacular scene. Finale appearance of Jackie Chan for the support from their fans are quite impressed, and you send a cordial greeting and a kiss at the same time, while also reminding fans pay attention to safety bridges and trees.

Be Aiwujiwu, the audience for the Jackie Chan in the "Little Big Soldier" in the promotion of Lin Peng, Seung Jun, the new Seven Little Fortunes, but also to give mad hug, tricks 100. Lin Peng in singing "Oh," when, in addition to being a male fan stage to present flowers to embrace, the self-timer is also pulling a photo with the phone, very funny. Young handsome new Seven Little Fortunes debut attracted a female audience screaming, "好帅ah" sportsman Seung Jun, who have lost several female fans stage to present flowers and fierce embrace, on-site competing crazy star-chasing.

Pu casting "insider" Find Seung Jun is a debt of gratitude South Korea

"Little Big Soldier" New Year's Day February 14 release, the impact of Lunar New Year Lunar New Year stalls. Recalls the film shoot, Chan Tai Bao casting spot "inside", actress Lin Peng is due to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2008 in the background, passing in the night, that she was in line with the image of the female lead. Is not fluent in Chinese to find the Seung Jun, Chan Seung Jun admire the one hand, to abandon the Korean market, the courage to learn Chinese into China, on the other hand revealed that 30 years ago, Jackie Chan himself in South Korea, do not understand Korean, but it did get a lot of Korean enthusiasm to help, this is a debt of gratitude, to the Seung Jun opportunity to row on row, no can not.

Jackie Chan's older brother also encouraged fan site, no matter what industry, should pay attention to their demeanor, it may be noted that on the moment and usher in a very good chance. From "Descendants of the Dragon," singled out the new Seven Little Fortunes, Chan disclosed that film, "Little Big Soldier" when the new Seven Little Fortunes are good bald shaving preparations participating "in October Besieged City", the Provisional pulled over speech, "Little Big Soldier", the first play, played dead. For the new Seven Little Fortunes, Jackie Chan asked them apart from acting, the aircraft lights, Wu refers to cutting films, singing would have to learn, asking them to do all-around entertainer, so that the film industry to survive longer.

In the active site, has been enthusiastic in public welfare undertakings, Chan accepted the honor in Guangdong Province Federation volunteer certificate, called for more people to join the social welfare activities. At the same time, Jackie Chan together Overlord, Guangdong Federation of sending 300 volunteers, "Little Big Soldier" movie tickets, to encourage volunteers to their hard work. Lake / text and map



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