Sunday, January 17, 2010

Publicity for Little Big Soldier kicks off in Shenzen

The publicity tour for Little Big Soldier kicked off in Shenzen today. The official premier of the movie with be in Beijing on the 5th of February 2010.

LOS ANGELES January 17 afternoon, "" Private Game "along the way," a series of events held in Shenzhen city of publicity in the first stand, the rate of film actor Jackie Chan Seung Jun, Lin P, the new seven small-Fort Worth, Shenzhen, close contact with fans. In addition to the film publicity, Big Brother Jackie Chan keen to charitable causes are also Jinxian My Darling Clementine, invited Shenzhen heroes Cong Fei's widow and daughter came to power, to Jackie Chan's Foundation on behalf of her gift certificates as well as a special volunteer礼物.

Jackie Chan's upsurge was set off-site to send a gift

By Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom starring "Private Game" will be held February 14 Lunar New Year to meet you and, for this set of 20-year effort, the work was propaganda Jackie Chan extra attention. Following last month in Guangzhou, posters, held a grand opening ceremony, Jackie Chan together again Overlord Group and Beijing TV, start "" Private Game "along the way" series of city campaign will go to China more than 10 cities in publicity, more 35 cities across the country will be invited to a considerable number of fans went to Beijing to attend the February 3, "Private Game" grand premiere ceremony, with Jackie Chan, Lee Hom and other key creative stars live interaction.

In Shenzhen, the first leg of the campaign, the first appearance of Seung Jun and Lin Peng In addition to wonderful music and dance audiences, but also, and came to power fans to play PK games, went to Beijing to attend the birth of the Shenzhen station "Private Game" premiere ceremony Lucky fans. Chan finale appearance by everyone's enthusiastic pursuit of the scene changed a lot of staff were also fans, be up front for a close look at Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is more camp-site gift, the gift threw the crowd off the stage, triggering the climax scene.

Seung Jun Lee Hom Shuai boasts more than

In the active site, the organizers have also exposed the "Private Game" highlights of Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom have changed their image of the shape a little dirty, there are a lot of lying on the ground were in pursuit of the drama, slightly embarrassed. No wonder talked about his role in the film, Seung Jun jokes that his son was playing Prince Charming Man, a lot more than Lee Hom to be handsome. But was on-site hostess asked, and Jackie Chan ratio, Seung Jun said that of course, flew into a handsome big brother.

Addition to the "Private Game" a bunch of actors, the same day hundreds of theaters nationwide have followed the lead manager, Jackie Chan, gathered in Shenzhen, with the see "Private Game" and participated in a grand signing ceremony. "" Private Game "along the way" end end after the event in Shenzhen tomorrow will go to Fuzhou, the tour started a series of activities.


Some photos of the event from a Chinese Blogger:



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