Monday, January 18, 2010

When Jackie Chan is no longer a "Kung Fu star"

This opinion from Chinese blogger Tang Liang talks about Jackie's changing roles. Interesting comments on the fight scenes from 'Spy Next Door' which may help put them into perspective for people.

When Jackie Chan is no longer a "Kung Fu star"

Everyone will be old, Jackie Chan, of course, is no exception, but for the arts, and will not be old to do nothing, and like a Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood, as, it seems that the older the more excellent work one after another , and his works were mostly commensurate with his age, old age, he's characters are mostly veterans, and retired spy and old-old astronaut ... ... such as "classic cars", "Space Cowboys" and so on. Although the young man, he is also known for tough-guy image, but the old age, in the spirit of his tough-guy become a core, and more are showing a kind of tenderness.

Speaking from the Eastwood Jackie Chan, the screen we also see more of his tough-guy image, so he became the idol of millions of people, and then the years are not around people, when his body began to Fa-Fu, he noticed that his forehead wrinkles and we do not want him as a young man was also kind of adventure, and we hope that he plays better way to become more open, Causing loss of lives is not his only charm, his bright lot more needs to be content expression, since years, experience itself is a human capital, while capital's artistic life is always flooded with mining conditions.

Am glad to see Jackie Chan's new film "Secret next door," because in the film, he is the main character though, but the other three children are enriched by him; while Jackie Chan's kung fu is still eye-catching, but more eye-catching is to show the film out of difficulty. In contrast to those with the bad guys fight scenes, in fact, became the groundwork to show affection. Jackie Chan plays played Bob, the reason is not the child's favorite from the beginning until the later reluctant to part with links to their emotional bond is obtained from a fight, so the fight has moved from the main body of Jackie Chan's old films, has been relegated to the second, and this fact also, and Jackie Chan, the current ages. Jackie Chan's kung fu itself is no longer the pursuit of novelty, adventure on the brains, so the film's action designed to feel familiar to people, on the contrary the details of those movements shown by humor, is the place where people feel aftertaste, which only in the consummate degree of artistic expression can be obtained.

"Neighbors agent" is probably the beginning of Jackie Chan started their transformation, when Jackie Chan is no longer based on "Kung Fu star" appeared on the screen, I believe he still will be the audience favorite, as long as he must identify his position, to show own art in good faith, he will undoubtedly become China's Eastwood.



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