Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a Day!

Yesterday Jackie was in Guanzhou promoting Little Big Soldier but he also attended 3 different events + interviews. This report gives you an idea of what the day was like.

Now just add in some details from twitter we know Jackie left Hong Kong in the morning and flew to Guangzhou.

Jackie was awarded Honorary President of Guandong Volunteers Association

Big Brother busy, Guangzhou, running three one day games
(Reporter Shen Yuan-an)

Jackie Chan's older brother in order to film "Little Big Soldier" promotion is very hard to do, and Guangzhou as the third leg of the itinerary was arranged three conferences. In order to meet Jackie Chan, the organizers have Qiazhuo time making activities, while Chan went, the enthusiasm of fans make the air suddenly heated up. The same day, was awarded the honorary chairman of the Guangdong volunteer Jackie Chan will be 300 "Little Big Soldier" movie ticket in Guangzhou Asian Games volunteers sent.

The first Event: Tangxia Trust-Mart

Actress Lin Peng grab limelight

Time: 14:20

Participation Time: 15 minutes

Participate in the activities: Overlord Men shampoo-cum-"Little Big Soldier" conference

Field Record: In order to see Jackie Chan, a lot of people went to the site early on, even the bridge on both side of the road jammed with people everywhere to maintain order and security. When "Little Big Soldier" singing actress Lin Peng, Chan suddenly appeared at the scene, the crowd commotion, eyes all left the stage, and confused the singer Lin Peng a little embarrassed. Jackie Chan came to power, first is the People First against the people standing on the bridge, said we should pay attention to safety.

When asked why pick to do the female lead Lin Peng, Chan responded that the original opening ceremony of the Olympic Games met her, saw her with a lot of children, noticed that she was very dedicated, have always maintained a smile, so recommend to the director her. As for the other a South Korean actor Seung Jun, Chan said he RAIN in South Korea even more than red, but to abandon the Korean market to China's development, and efforts to learn Chinese. Give him an opportunity because of their own in South Korea 30 years ago when many South Koreans who have been of help, find Seung Jun is purely a debt of gratitude. As for his ability by virtue of the "Little Big Soldier" became popular to rely on his own good luck.

The Second Event: Tianhe City flying Studios

Does the Spring Festival Evening, or a secret

Time: 15:30

Participation Time: 15 minutes

Participate in the activities: Guangdong, China re-start-cum-film, "Little Big Soldier" conference

Field Record: Gaiden car Xiao understanding Shanxi is rich dinner Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, there is no positive response to this, saying he did not know what they get married. Does this year at the Spring Festival Evening Show, he said that was not yet fixed, is singing or other forms, Jackie Chan with a smile is a secret.

For the recent holiday period film competition, Jackie Chan said he did not pressure the box office for so many years, but want to make your favorite movies. But he said that if the mainland 10 billion in overseas box office, then zero, it is also quite a failure, but if China one million, the United States 40 million, France 30 million, then the movie a success. The current Chinese cinema in the country did not support then basically failed, so he urged people to support the domestic film, but if the film itself is not bad to encourage everyone to see. He believes that the media and the User words is to encourage and urge the film makers shoot better movies.

Third Event: Weijia Adams Square Jin Yi Film City

Chong 300 million at the box office

Time: 16:50

Participation Time: 15 minutes

Participate in the activities: Jin Yi Studios fifth anniversary of the Opening Ceremony, "Little Big Soldier" conference

Field Record: In Jin Yi Film City, hung out banners and wish the "Little Big Soldier" breakthrough 300 million at the box office, Jackie Chan, am very happy.

On Why Ding Sheng become a director, Jackie Chan boast that he is a versatile director, will be compiled will lead, but also be able to perform singing and very versatile. Jackie Chan said he has always admired the all-powerful man, so would like to kin, Lee Hom, it is because they are the all-powerful. Some actors will be acting, the other not, it will be very short of vitality. If the all-powerful and vitality will be very strong. They therefore make disciples have done all-around entertainer.

A reporter asked the director of their own small y @ products can play this much points, 95 points D director, says with a laugh. Chan said that if to give him 100 points seems to be flattering, giving 50 points again belittle him. Chan also said that in the future and the mainland will be the new directors, will promote a number of new actors, directors and writers.


Then Jackie left and went to attend a press conference.
They stay for half an hour later, he was rushed to St. Augustine's in a restaurant in this special interview. However, was originally supposed to visit a good 40 minutes, obstinately was shortened into 20 minutes. In the meantime, Jackie Chan's staff also repeatedly urged the reporters call it a day, saying that Jackie Chan soon to rush to fly.


What a Day!!!


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