Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jackie Promotes 'Little Big Soldier' in Chengdu

"Private teenager" Tomorrow will be Jackie Chan Lai Rong newspaper

11:00-11:30 morning, this newspaper will be a hotline 86.96918 million collected 20 "Dragon fans"

The upcoming February 14th release of "Private Game" is a Jackie Chan film 48 years from the first 99 works, tomorrow, Jackie Chan will bring his brother disciples - Seven Little Fortunes to Chengdu advertise. Organizers said the charity has always been committed to the cause of Big Brother Jackie Chan Lai Rong there is still this desire: to see the children about the earthquake affected areas. In order to achieve the aspirations of Big Brother, this paper together with the Wangfujing Studios, specially invited to participate in this newspaper and artists launched "Flying Colors Art Fund disabilities plan" in the children. Tomorrow, the waist of the children will go to the scene with Jackie Chan's brother interact brother painted the most beautiful moments.

From 1994's "Rumble in the Bronx," has entered the beginning of the Lunar New Year stalls the mainland, this time the "Private Game" be called a big brother's return to make, in particular, he and Lee Hom's "father and son combination of" more concern, He has repeatedly praised in public Wang

Macros, and even surpass son Jaycee Chan. "Birth of a son should be like Lee Hom so Nengwennengwu, perfect. In fact, the ancestral name quite like speech, but it starred Lee Hom is Lin Feng-appointed. She said that Jay Chou's image and I am a bit closer, compared to Wang Lee Hom span relatively large point. father and son co-operation will make the audience excessive attention to appearance, but ignore the story. "

11:00-11:30 morning newspaper will launch hotline 028-86969180, moved into the top 20 fans hotline will be live in person at Wang Fu Jing opportunity for dialogue with the older brother. According to the organizers revealed that, in addition to regular conference outside, this time Big Brother will also hold a high-end Wangfujing Studios talks face to face with the Chengdu Chang celebrity chat Lunar New Year stalls. In addition, this paper has also invited 20 super-fans went to the site, and brother dialogue.



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