Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes 'Little Big Soldier'

In the "Private Game" during filming, an actor Jackie Chan has decided to make light, but also do choreography, but also do force that, and sometimes the effect is also a guest writer, "teenager soldiers" A lot of little stories are from his idea of for the plot to add a lot of humor. The rise in the studio he sometimes would carry the camera, facing his disciples a new film on the Seven Little Fortunes a pass.

According to Jackie Chan's older brother disciples introduced the new Seven Little Fortunes, in the shooting, Jackie Chan, words and deeds to them, talking about opera, often dancing, but also in a man also made use of their own actions set an example, each time playing the air filming exhausted, Jackie Chan must personally put away their own wire. Directed by Ding Sheng said that Jackie Chan is the biggest names, but he did not big-airs, in the studio he was to create an atmosphere is a very relaxed atmosphere, not because he is a partner and let the biggest names in tension. "Private Game" of the actress Lin Peng very grateful to Jackie Chan as the new right. Lin Peng recalls, in one shot with the big brother of a rival show, stood at a very high cliff, watching Jackie Chan in the lower her, called her Do not be afraid for her fuel, adhere to good action. In the older brother's encouragement, Lin Peng did not know where would such a great courage, breath into that scene finished, and the action done pretty well.

There is also a video clip on the link. I have no idea why there is no sound on the clip or at least there wasn't for me.


If the above clip didn't have sound then this CLIP works


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