The Jackie Chan Fan Club by Sharon Sant

Well you got me at the title ...

This young adult romance story was reviewed by Victoria Loves Books Blog and she had this to say about it:

This is a short and sweet story all coming from the voice of Lizzy.

Lizzy lives with her mum, dad, older sister and younger brother. They all seem to live in their own worlds. Her mum spends all her time locked away in the attic watching Jackie Chan Films. Her dad is currently making dinner for a trucker who is sleeping on the sofa and ogling her older sister over his breakfast.
Her sister has had a secret boob job and then you have her younger brother who she hardly uses words to communicate with just eyebrow wiggling.

Peter is from Sweden and has come over for a holiday about the Jackie Chan fan club, but it's Lizzie who ends up accommodating him.

This is brilliantly sweet and hilariously funny. Sant’s sense of humour shines through and has you laughing out loud throughout.

Sant captures the voice of a teenager perfectly and this makes for a perfect read.

The blurb from Amazon says:

As fifteen-year-old Lizzie Holmes will tell you, being the middle kid is no fun, especially when your mum is the president of the Jackie Chan fan club, your dad is a line-dance teacher with a nifty sideline in CB radio lingo, your older sister is an aspiring Playboy Bunny and your younger brother is a cheese-hoarding stomach on legs. And just when she thinks her life can’t get any weirder, Peter Karlsson, a cute but geeky Swedish photography student, arrives on their doorstep and complicates Lizzie’s already crazy life in ways she could not possibly imagine. Whoever said falling in love was easy?

SOURCE: AMAZON.COM  (to get your own copy)

Behind The Scenes In NY with Jackie

Great report about Jackie from New York.

On a crisp autumn night in 1860, more than three thousand British troops set fire to the Qing emperor’s summer residence in Beijing, destroying the entire palace and, along with it, China’s preëminence in the world order. A century and a half later, Jackie Chan, China’s most famous fighter, was in New York to pick up a Star Asian Lifetime Achievement Award and promote the North American release of his hundred and first film, “12CZ” (also known as “Chinese Zodiac”), which depicts the historical humiliation.

Dressed in a silk mandarin-collared black suit and square wire-framed glasses, Chan—action star, comedian, and, lately, cultural envoy for the Chinese government—chatted with a small group of solemn-looking Chinese businessmen and Hong Kong dignitaries before his appearance at the Walter Reade Theatre, at Lincoln Center. He told his guests that he’d been doing a lot of flying recently, “going here, and there, and then there,” he said, his hands swooping through the air.

Twelve hours earlier, for example, Chan had been in L.A., cementing prints of his hands in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, meeting with Hollywood executives, and reading scripts (“Rush Hour 4”? “I said no!”). The next day, he would be off to film festivals in Toronto, Beijing, India (“on behalf of the government”), and, then, back to Shanghai. One of the businessmen nodded his approval and commended, in Mandarin, “All for the purpose of spreading Chinese culture!”

A door swung open and another man in a dark suit and wire-rimmed glasses walked in, who an assistant hurried to introduce: “This is the Consul General of China, Sun Guoxiang.”

“Hello, hello,” Chan said, extending a hand. “Did you like the movie?”

“I liked it,” Guo said. “We hosted a screening at the embassy.”

“I’ve been telling him to make this film forever. It’s the best storyline,” a thick voice boomed from across the table. “12CZ” is a reference to twelve famous bronze statues representing the Chinese Zodiac that were looted from Beijing’s Old Summer Palace by the British and French during China’s defeat in the Second Opium War. The film, which Chan wrote, directed, and co-produced, uses the popular national grievance as the basis for an action caper: a Chinese treasure hunter, played by Chan, sets out to find the lost heads for purely mercenary reasons, but finds, by the didactic climax, his allegiance to the motherland instead. (The film broke box-office records on the mainland but posted mediocre sales elsewhere.)

Chan laughed. “Remember when we were in London brainstorming the script?” He slapped the table. “And after the film came out, of course, the French had to give the heads back,” he said, alluding to a set of rabbit and rat heads donated by a businessman to the new Chinese President, Xi Jinping, and the French President, François Hollande, who visited China back in April.

Chan said that more zodiac heads, apparently, were waiting to be claimed. He’d received a mysterious fax from a man who claimed to know the location of five bronze heads that were never recovered.

“He wrote that he had been trying for years to be taken seriously, but the movie would finally give him legitimacy,” Chan said. “He wanted witnesses to notarize the fact that he had told me this great secret. I said to myself, Who notarizes?”

After the mingling session, Chan and his entourage took a private elevator to a dressing room to wait for the ceremony to start. Chan plopped himself on a couch, ignoring the Twinings green tea that a staff member had produced.

“Oh God, where is the award?” someone said.

A woman tottered into the room in heels, balancing a blue velvet box on her forearms. Another walked in behind her, with a giant long-zoom camera around her neck, and asked if it was a good time for pictures.

Chan, surveying the pre-show chaos, periodically contributed comments in a mishmash of English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, the language of his native Hong Kong.

“I’ve forgotten how to speak Cantonese!” he said. In Beijing, where he lives now, Mandarin is spoken. He leaned over to a young Chinese-American visitor nearby. “A bilingual speaker like you should look around in China. There are so many jobs in China.”

He went on, thoughtfully: “In a good corporation, you can find lots. They need bilingual folks like you in China, in Hong Kong…”

The question of proficiency in Cantonese, the dialect spoken by more than eighty-nine per cent of Hong Kong’s population, received a vigorous shake of the head. “Who speaks Cantonese anymore? No one speaks Cantonese! I don’t even speak Cantonese! I speak Mandarin now,” Chan said.

To illustrate his point, Chan did exaggerated imitations of Shandongese and Shanghaiese, dialects spoken on the mainland: “See, I have a gift for languages,” he said.

A man carrying a radio came in and said, “Five minutes.”

Chan got up and continued to extol life in Beijing. But what about the city’s sky-obscuring pollution? The star maintained that it wasn’t a big problem. “There are some countries you go to where there is no pollution, but you are still unhappy,” Chan said, gesticulating with an open palm. “Then there are other countries where you are always happy, no matter the weather. Beijing is like that. I’m living there now, and I don’t care about all that pollution. The sunshine is absolutely fantastic.”


A Collection of Interviews

A collection of interviews:


Lau Kar Leung Loses Battle with Leukemia

It feels like we are witnessing the passing of an era at the moment, and this news just made it feel that way even more.
Lau Kar Leung (Liu Chia Liang), one of the most revered martial artists in Hong Kong Cinema, has lost a long battle with leukemia, local media is reporting this morning.

In a career spanning more than 60 years, Lau starred in - and provided action choreography for - more than 70 films. In his early days he often collaborated with director Chang Cheh at legendary Shaw Brothers studios, and directed more than 25 feature films himself, culminating in 2003's Drunken Monkey.

Many of Leung's most famous films, including The 36th Chamber of Shaolin and Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, starred his "god-brother" Gordon Liu Chia Hui - who is also critically ill. Other highlights of his long and illustrious career include My Young Auntie, starring Kara Hui, Drunken Master II with Jackie Chan and Ti Lung, and more recently he starred in Tsui Hark's Seven Swords.

The 76-year-old passed away comfortably at Union Hospital in Hong Kong earlier this morning, with members of his family at his bedside.


Assorted News Posts

Various news posts from around the web:

Police Story 2013:

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan said he'll keep shooting action films when he met the media for his new movie "Police Story 2013", despite his earlier claims that "CZ12" would be his "last major action film".

SHANGHAI: Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan admitted that he has gone back on his words after his upcoming film “Police Story 2013” was revealed to be yet another action-heavy film, during a media conference in Shanghai on Monday, reported Chinese media.

Chan had previously claimed that 2012’s “CZ12” would be his “last major action film”.

The actor explained that “Police Story 2013” director Ding Sheng (whom he had worked with on “Little Big Soldier“) had misled him, as the original script Ding showed him did not call for Chan’s character to do any action scenes.

“The script later changed, and as the story progressed, there were action scenes,” explained Chan, though he conceded that he still enjoyed shooting action scenes.

“I still like to shoot action films, because there is this thrill and sense of superiority when you shoot a scene beautifully without wires.

“Maybe I will announce again that this would be my last major action film. But what if people still approach me to do big action films?”

“I think I will probably still do it,” said Chan with a sigh.

“Why is it that no director comes to me for romance films?”

Mature police story

“Police Story 2013” will see Chan play a “very mature”, “steadfast” Chinese police officer, a departure from previous films in the series where he plays a Hong Kong cop.

Chan’s character has to manage his relationship with his rebellious daughter (played by Chinese actress Jing Tian) even as he battles the villain of the piece (played by Chinese actor Liu Ye) over the course of the film.

Chan described his role in the “highly dramatic” film as being “very different” from the relatively light-hearted ones he had previously played.

“There will be no more funny faces,” said the actor.

“Police Story 2013” is currently in post-production and scheduled for release in China on December 24.



However, training some stars can be more challenging than others, the choreographers confess.

Soparrkar, who has trained a long list of Bollywood superstars including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hritik Roshan, admits that his most testing student to date has been Jackie Chan, while filming for ‘The Myth’.

“I think he is just so into martial arts that somewhere with the dance I would just see karate and judo happening. I was not very happy. He needs to go for dance classes.”



Jackie Chan’s successful collaboration with Chinese studio Huayi Brothers will continue later this year with the production of two more films – with one set in New York and the other in the vast deserts of rural China.
Hot on the heels of the success of CZ12, the action comedy which generated $138 million at the mainland Chinese box office earlier this year, Chan will be producing and starring in the tentatively titled Manhattan, a film which sees the Hong Kong star playing “a dark hero” who “converses with love and hate,” according to a statement released at a press conference in Shanghai on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Wolf Flag (a tentative Chinese title for the second project) will see Chan star in a “mournful ode concealed in the stricken desert.” Both films are slated for release in 2014.

No further details are available about these two films at this time.



Police Story 2013 Press Conference Photos

Police Story 2013 Press Conference. From Left to Right Ding Sheng, Jackie Chan, Jing Tian, Liu Ye.

"Police Story 2013" tells the story of a Detective Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) who visits his daughter Miao Miao (Jing Tian). They are accidentally kidnapped by her boyfriend Wu Jiang(Liu Ye) who orchestrated the kidnapping to demand the release of a long term prisoner. Seeing that everyone's lives are at stake, they wage a battle of wits against time and each other.

Jackie said that when he was first shown the script he was pleased at how Ding Sheng had honoured the Police Story series, but at the same time creating a new story. He was also pleased that there was no action in it. However as filming progressed more and more action scenes were written into the movie. In the end Jackie developed action scenes that are a new and different style. Jackie jokingly said that Ding Sheng 'cheated' him on the amount of action in the film. 


Interview JC Film Gallery

After the Police Story 2013 Press Conference (24.6.13) Jackie toured the JC Film Gallery and gave an exclusive interview to SMG Xiang Dan. These are some photos from the interview and of the inside of the JC Film Gallery. The reporter commented that Jackie has used his many years of experience in movies to showcase his love of movies and that the gallery is not just a testament to art of Jackie but also to the love and support of JC Team.


Compiling a Comprehensive List of Jackie's Awards

There is no comprehensive list of ALL of Jackie's Awards and Honours on the net so I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of all of Jackie's awards. After much searching, this is the list I managed to put together so far. If you have any awards to add please let me know. Please be as specific as possible with the year, name of the awards and who gave it. Thanks so much. It would be great if we could finally have a complete list.

(PS Don't bother searching this blog, every award on here is on the list)


· The Most Favorite Actor, Road Show Magazine, Japan


· Best Foreign Actor, Road Show Magazine, Japan


· Best Action Choreography - Jackie Chan Stunt Team, Hong Kong Film Awards
· Best Foreign Actor, Road Show Magazine, Japan
· The Best Foreign Singer in Japan


· Best Film: Police Story, Hong Kong Film Award
· Best Action Choreography Hong Kong Film Award
· Best Foreign Actor, Road Show Magazine, Japan
· Best Foreign Director, Road Show Magazine, Japan


· Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Award
· Best Foreign Actor, Road Show Magazine, Japan
· Best Foreign Director, Road Show Magazine, Japan
· Jackie Chan Day (September 6th, 1986) San Francisco, USA
· The Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong, H.K. Junior Chamber of Commerce


· Best Foreign Actor, Road Show Magazine, Japan
· Nominated Best Actor, Golden Horse Award


· Best Action Choreography Hong Kong Film Award
· Best Foreign Action Movie Director, Road Show Magazine, Japan
· Best Foreign Actor, Road Show Magazine, Japan
· The Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World, Jaycees International, Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce


· Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Award,
· Best Actor, Artists' Guild, Hong Kong
· Best Foreign Actor, Road Show Magazine, Japan
· Special Award 34th Asia Pacific Film Festival, Jakarta
· Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire [MBE] British Government, H.K./Commonwealth


· Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Award
· des Insignes de Chevalier des Arts et des Letters The Cinematheque Francaise,
· Ten Most Popular Performers in the 80's Radio & Television, Hong Kong


· Jackie Chan Day (March 9th, 1991) Chicago, USA


· Best Actor, Golden Horse Award
· Ten Most Healthy Personalities of Hong Kong, Radio & Television, Hong Kong
· The Five Most Outstanding Young Chinese of the World, Taiwan Government


· Best Actor, Golden Horse Award
· Outstanding Contribution to Movies Award, Asia Pacific Film Festival, Asia/Pacific


· Best Actor, Golden Horse Award
· Best Action Choreography, Golden Horse Award
· Best Actor of the Year, Cine-Asia


· Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Award
· Best Action Choreography, Golden Horse Award
· Best Actor of the Year, Cine-Asia,
· Doctor of Social Science, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
· Hong Kong Tourism Ambassador, Hong Kong Association
· Jackie Chan Day (January 26th, 1995), Chicago, USA
· Lifetime Achievement Award, MTV Movie Award, USA
· Presenter, Academy Awards Ceremony


· Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Award
· Best Action Choreography, Golden Horse Award
· Honorable Policeman, San Francisco Police Force, USA
· Jackie Chan Day (December 6th, 1996), San Francisco, USA
· Life Time Achievement Award. Asian Cinevision
· Presidential Sports Award, Presidential Council on Physical Fitness & Sports, USA


· Fant-Asia Film Festival Best Asian Film for Drunken Master 2 (1994)
· Best Action Choreography, Golden Horse Award
· Kung Fu Artist of the Year in Black Belt Magazine
· Positive Image Award, Media Action Network for Asian Americans, USA


· Best Action Choreography, Golden Horse Award
· Honorary Fellowship, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong
· Maverick Tribute Award, Cinequest San Jose Film Festival, USA
· The Innovator Award, Multicultural Motion Picture Association


· Actor of the Year, 3rd Hollywood Film Festival, USA
· Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Award
· Best On-Screen Duo, MTV Movie Award, USA
· Favorite Action Duo, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, USA
· Favorite Action Hero of 1998, Foster's 1999 Can Film Awards
· Honorable Citizen's Award, Government of Seoul, Korea
· Honorary Action Ambassador of Hong Kong Action Expo 99
· Ira D. Kays Humanitarian Awards, CineAsia
· PETA Humanitarian Award
· People Humanitarian Award
· Silver Bauhinia Star, Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong


· Ambassador of World Cup 2002, World Cup Committee, Korea
· Excellence 2000 International Achievement Award, USPAACC, USA
· First Ambassador, Beijing "SUN" Olympic Committee
· International Achievement Award, International and Indian Film Awards
· International Lifetime Achievement Award, International Leadership Foundation, USA
· Legacy Award, Museum of Chinese in the Americas,
· The Millennium Legend Award, MCF 2000 - Multicultural Festival, United Kingdom
· Montblanc de La Culture Award, Montblanc de Cultural Foundation


· Anti-Smoking Ambassador, American Cancer Foundation
· Ambassador of HKSPC, HKSPC, Hong Kong
· Cultural Artist of the Year, Harvard University
· Grand Prix of the Americas, Montreal World Film Festival
· Honorary Policeman, Los Angeles Police Department, USA
· Honorary Policeman, Metro - Toronto Police Force, Canada
· International Star of the Year, Variety Magazine
· Jackie Chan Day (February 28th, 2001) Las Vegas, USA
· Key of City, Jackie Chan Day (November 18th, 2001), City of Toronto, Canada
· Star of the Year Award, Show West


· All American Family Hero Award, California Law Enforcement Image Coalition, USA
· Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Award
· Best Fight Scene, MTV Movie Awards
· Favorite Male Kicker, Nickelodeon's Annual Kid's Choice Award
· Honorary Policeman, Toronto Police Service Board, Canada
· Innovator Award, The 8th Annual American Choreography Awards, USA
· Star on the Walk of Fame, Walk of Fame, Hollywood, USA
· Taurus Honorary Award, World Stunt Award,
· The Inspiration Award, MTV-Asia, Asia
· Yahoo! Hong Kong Brand Award, Hong Kong
· Outstanding Achievement for Acting in Actions Film, World Stunt Award,


· Hong Kong Tourism Ambassador, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong
· Hong Kong Film Ambassador, Hong Kong Filmmart, Hong Kong
· Ambassador (Year of China in France) Government of China and France
· Ambassador, Beijing Olympics (China)
· Favorite Male Butt Kicker, Nickelodeon's Annual Kid's Choice Award


· International Goodwill Ambassador UNICEF
· International Goodwill Ambassador UNAIDS
· Torch bearer: 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games
· Star on Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong
· 24th Hong Kong Film Awards Professional Achievement Award
· Honorary Professorship, School of Hotel & Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
· Ten Greatest People of China, CCTV, China
· Environment and Culture Ambassador, China's State Environmental Protection Administration
· Award of Distinction, China Community Chest
· Best Action Choreography, Golden Horse Film Award
· Honorary Smile Ambassador, Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation (USA)
· Honorary Vice Chairman, Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation (Japan)


· Best Actor, Golden Rooster Award
· European Union Global Diversity Award
· Next Step World Champion Award
· China Charity Award
· Shanghai Film Festival's Outstanding Contribution to Film Award
· Ambassador, World Firefighter Games


· Honorary Medal of the City of Paris, France
· Honorary Directorship, Beijing's Colorful Tomorrow Children's Ophthalmology Hospital
· 24th Hong Kong Film Awards Professional Achievement Award
· Yodogawa Nagaharu Award (Road Show Magazine) for Contribution to Japan Film Industry
· Friend of the Australian International School of Hong Kong
· Ambassador of Professional Exchange and Enhancement Program on Creative Commercial Arts and Design in Hong Kong
· Founder, Jackie Chan Civil Aviation Foundation
· Cultural Ambassador (China)
· Honorary Principal of Qiannan Normal College for Nationalities (China)
· Asia Pacific Tourism Ambassador
· Appeal Patron, Save China's Tigers Campaign
· China Police Motorcycle Rally Spokesman
· Plaque with handprint installed at Tokyo's Nemu no Hiroba
· American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet member
· Laureus Sport for Good: Laureus Friends and Ambassadors Certificate
· JCE's Everlasting Regret Named a Film of Merit by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society


· Most Influential Award for Chinese Kung Fu (China)
· Lifetime Achievement Award, NYU Tisch School (Asia)
· Honorary Sheriff's Deputy, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (USA)
· DVD Data Special Award (Japan)
· Ambassador of Yan Tai, Shandong Province, China
· Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet (Returning Member)
· Honorary Professor Beijing Film Academy
· Hong Kong Dance Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award in Body Movement Art


· Goodwill Ambassador 2008 Beijing Olympics
· Torch Bearer: Beijing Olympics
· Honorary Professor of Performing Arts, Savannah College of Art and Design
· Best Charity Song Award, China Mobile Wireless Music Awards
· Special Contribution Award for promoting the Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Pop Music
  Awards ceremony
· Best Foreign Star Promoting Seoul Tourism Award, Seoul Tourism Awards
· International Goodwill Ambassador for the Deaflympics
· UNICEF's Champions for Children Award
· Most Outstanding Chinese (Bringing Charm to the World) Award
· Returning Celebrity Cabinet Member, American Red Cross


· Honorary Librarian at the Chinese People's Revolution Military Museum
· Executive Director from Overseas, China Overseas Exchange Association
· Anti-Drug Publicity Ambassador, National Narcotics Control Commission Office, Ministry
  of Public Security of China
· Best Animated Series, Golden Dragon Animation Award
· Medal for Peace and Friendship For his Outstanding contribution as an Ambassador for
  Operation Smile, Vietnam Ethnic Organization
· Honorary Doctorate in Social Anthropology, University of Cambodia
· Top Ten Green Newsmakers Award, China Green Development Forum


· 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival Award for Outstanding Achievement
· Promotion Ambassador, Shanghai World Expo
· Promotion Ambassador for 16th Asian Games
· 10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood, Green Planet Movie Awards
· Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Decade, Green Planet Movie Awards
· Ambassador for the Chinese Women's Development Foundation "Water for Mother's"  
· Terracotta Peace Award, Terracotta Film Festival, London
· Official Spokesperson for Imagine Australia
· named one of the 48 most philanthropic people in Asia, Forbes Asia


· Favourite Action Star, People's Choice Awards
· Favorite Buttkicker, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards
· Chinese Patriotic Award, Chinese Patriotic Association
· 2010 Star Citizen, Chinese Patriotic Association
· Best Asian Charity Role Model, Chinese Music Awards
· Environmental and Health Ambassador for the China Environmental and Health Awareness Week
· Most Caring Artist Award, Beautiful Sichuan Panda Awards
· Dedicating Love to Children - 'China Children Charity Inspiring Figures in 30 Years' Award", Children and Teenager's Fund
 · Torch Bearer, 26th Summer Universiade

2012 / 2013

· 'Living Connoisseurs" Award, Target Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
· US China Outstanding Contribution Award, US China Business Association
· "Most Credits in a Movie", Guinness World Records
· "Most Stunts by a Living Actor", Guinness World Records
· Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Award
· Best Director, Huading Awards
· Star Asia Lifetime Achievement Award


Videos: Shanghai Film Festival

Red Carpet and presenting the award:



Police Story 2013 unveils a new poster at a press conference in Shanghai:


Jackie Chan 3 Dreams Video

You have heard about it, now watch it:



Police Story 2013 Press Conference

The stage is set for the Police Story 2013 press conference this morning.


Shanghai International Film Festival Closing Ceremony

Jackie attended the closing of the Shanghai International Film Festival with the cast and crew of Police Story 2013 (whispers are there will be a trailer soon). He was accompanied by Ding Sheng (director), Liu Ye (the 'bad guy' in the film) and Jing Tian (Jackie's daughter in the film) and Du Yang.

Jackie also presented the Grand Jury Prize with Czech Director Jiří Menzel to 'Trust'. The two exchanged words in a hilarious deliberate 'misunderstanding' of language.

Jiří Menzel and Jackie

Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Jackie, Ding Sheng, Du Yang

And of course La and Zy were also there, held safely by Zhou-Zhou, Jackie's stylist,



Concert and Cinema Opening in Hefei

Jackie had a busy day today. He flew from Beijing to Hefei where he opened the latest Jackie Chan Cinema complex and attended a charity concert before flying to Shanghai.

Video of Jackie singing at the concert. He sang two songs - A Hero Never Dies and A Vigorous Aspiration in My Mind which is on the video.