Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jackie Chan Gets Autobiographical

The international action star and renowned martial artist says he is currently writing a stage adaptation of his best-selling memoir I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action, which will chronicle the lives of his parents, his early education at the Peking Opera School and his rise to stardom through music.

"We are looking for a director for the musical right now," he told reporters at a press conference today at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York. "It's all very exciting."

The press conference was part of Chan’s two-day swing through New York, which also included a Lincoln Center reception celebrating Hong Kong Cinema on June 10, at which Chan was a guest of honor. Later that night, the Rush Hour star also received a lifetime achievement award at the New York Asian Film Festival, which screened his new film Chinese Zodiac.

At the press conference, Chan said the musical will be told through his voice as narrator of his life, focusing on his early youth, his time spent performing acrobatics with the children's performance group the Seven Little Fortunes and his quest to step out from behind the shadow of the iconic Bruce Lee.

In the past, Chan has talked about how his love for musicals like The Sound of Music was fostered at a young age.

The WME-repped star also said that he is working on the follow-up to his 1998 autobiography, which is tentatively titled I Am Still Jackie Chan. "The original book was 15 years ago, and my career has been very very exciting and interesting since then," he said.



Anonymous said...

Yes...He is a genius !!! and I Love Him soo much !!!
Actually I think there is no other such a great talent,action star, actor like him in the whole world !!! He is the ONLY ONE !!!
Yeah, musical...I just want to listening his voice singing !!!!! :)
Kissssss, Looooooove to Jackie >>>> <3

Amelie said...

Great article, great videos! Thank you so much! I am happy that Jackie will make amusical from his fantastic book "I am Jackie Chan". Congratulations, Jackie´s stay in America is very successful.

Anonymous said...

I loved the way he smashed the drink bottle quietly in the first video.

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