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Police Story 2013:

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan said he'll keep shooting action films when he met the media for his new movie "Police Story 2013", despite his earlier claims that "CZ12" would be his "last major action film".

SHANGHAI: Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan admitted that he has gone back on his words after his upcoming film “Police Story 2013” was revealed to be yet another action-heavy film, during a media conference in Shanghai on Monday, reported Chinese media.

Chan had previously claimed that 2012’s “CZ12” would be his “last major action film”.

The actor explained that “Police Story 2013” director Ding Sheng (whom he had worked with on “Little Big Soldier“) had misled him, as the original script Ding showed him did not call for Chan’s character to do any action scenes.

“The script later changed, and as the story progressed, there were action scenes,” explained Chan, though he conceded that he still enjoyed shooting action scenes.

“I still like to shoot action films, because there is this thrill and sense of superiority when you shoot a scene beautifully without wires.

“Maybe I will announce again that this would be my last major action film. But what if people still approach me to do big action films?”

“I think I will probably still do it,” said Chan with a sigh.

“Why is it that no director comes to me for romance films?”

Mature police story

“Police Story 2013” will see Chan play a “very mature”, “steadfast” Chinese police officer, a departure from previous films in the series where he plays a Hong Kong cop.

Chan’s character has to manage his relationship with his rebellious daughter (played by Chinese actress Jing Tian) even as he battles the villain of the piece (played by Chinese actor Liu Ye) over the course of the film.

Chan described his role in the “highly dramatic” film as being “very different” from the relatively light-hearted ones he had previously played.

“There will be no more funny faces,” said the actor.

“Police Story 2013” is currently in post-production and scheduled for release in China on December 24.



However, training some stars can be more challenging than others, the choreographers confess.

Soparrkar, who has trained a long list of Bollywood superstars including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hritik Roshan, admits that his most testing student to date has been Jackie Chan, while filming for ‘The Myth’.

“I think he is just so into martial arts that somewhere with the dance I would just see karate and judo happening. I was not very happy. He needs to go for dance classes.”



Jackie Chan’s successful collaboration with Chinese studio Huayi Brothers will continue later this year with the production of two more films – with one set in New York and the other in the vast deserts of rural China.
Hot on the heels of the success of CZ12, the action comedy which generated $138 million at the mainland Chinese box office earlier this year, Chan will be producing and starring in the tentatively titled Manhattan, a film which sees the Hong Kong star playing “a dark hero” who “converses with love and hate,” according to a statement released at a press conference in Shanghai on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Wolf Flag (a tentative Chinese title for the second project) will see Chan star in a “mournful ode concealed in the stricken desert.” Both films are slated for release in 2014.

No further details are available about these two films at this time.



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