Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Jackie Chan Fan Club by Sharon Sant

Well you got me at the title ...

This young adult romance story was reviewed by Victoria Loves Books Blog and she had this to say about it:

This is a short and sweet story all coming from the voice of Lizzy.

Lizzy lives with her mum, dad, older sister and younger brother. They all seem to live in their own worlds. Her mum spends all her time locked away in the attic watching Jackie Chan Films. Her dad is currently making dinner for a trucker who is sleeping on the sofa and ogling her older sister over his breakfast.
Her sister has had a secret boob job and then you have her younger brother who she hardly uses words to communicate with just eyebrow wiggling.

Peter is from Sweden and has come over for a holiday about the Jackie Chan fan club, but it's Lizzie who ends up accommodating him.

This is brilliantly sweet and hilariously funny. Sant’s sense of humour shines through and has you laughing out loud throughout.

Sant captures the voice of a teenager perfectly and this makes for a perfect read.

The blurb from Amazon says:

As fifteen-year-old Lizzie Holmes will tell you, being the middle kid is no fun, especially when your mum is the president of the Jackie Chan fan club, your dad is a line-dance teacher with a nifty sideline in CB radio lingo, your older sister is an aspiring Playboy Bunny and your younger brother is a cheese-hoarding stomach on legs. And just when she thinks her life can’t get any weirder, Peter Karlsson, a cute but geeky Swedish photography student, arrives on their doorstep and complicates Lizzie’s already crazy life in ways she could not possibly imagine. Whoever said falling in love was easy?

SOURCE: AMAZON.COM  (to get your own copy)


SuperChanBlog said...

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SuperChanBlog said...

L<3<3OVE I LOVE His smile sooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 LOVE ^U^ JACKIE CHAN !!! :) <3 KISSSS to YOU !!! <3>


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