Monday, June 24, 2013

Jackie Chan 3 Dreams Video

You have heard about it, now watch it:



Anonymous said...

Very touching video !!! It's always makes feel soo touched as I see the way as He care about soo many people and children !!! Should show to the world every day that He is a real hero...and He help and make come true the dreams of thousands !!!!

Anonymous said...

My dream is to be with Him !!!and save the world together !!! <3

Anonymous said...

i've seen every day movie like the world times over and over again
I LOVE u......

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for helping. now i can see the worlds most amazing video. theres only one jackie chan

Amelie said...

"I'm sorry I deleted a whole bunch of comments by mistake. If yours did not appear, please repost."

Perhaps this sentence was about my post. I love this video so much and I wrote that we saw it at the fan party in 2006. I am always very moved seeing this and I wrote that I would be happy if it was possible to see the link of the video because I would like to download it forever like I do with youtube videos and also some videos from Chinese links. Thank you so much.

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