Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Police Story 2013 Press Conference Photos

Police Story 2013 Press Conference. From Left to Right Ding Sheng, Jackie Chan, Jing Tian, Liu Ye.

"Police Story 2013" tells the story of a Detective Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) who visits his daughter Miao Miao (Jing Tian). They are accidentally kidnapped by her boyfriend Wu Jiang(Liu Ye) who orchestrated the kidnapping to demand the release of a long term prisoner. Seeing that everyone's lives are at stake, they wage a battle of wits against time and each other.

Jackie said that when he was first shown the script he was pleased at how Ding Sheng had honoured the Police Story series, but at the same time creating a new story. He was also pleased that there was no action in it. However as filming progressed more and more action scenes were written into the movie. In the end Jackie developed action scenes that are a new and different style. Jackie jokingly said that Ding Sheng 'cheated' him on the amount of action in the film. 



Anonymous said...

They are soo cute !!! Jackie soo super handsome and I LOVE His smile sooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to the team !!!!!! <3
LOVE ^U^ JACKIE CHAN !!! :) <3 KISSSS to YOU !!! <3>>>>>

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