Monday, February 1, 2010

Jackie in Shanghai

Jackie was in Shanghai this weekend.

January 31, 2010 Shanghai News "World Expo 2010 Happy Chinese New Year Get-Together of Stars," organized by the Eastern Star, the day Jackie Chan, Zhou Libo, Nick Cheung, China Kosuke, Seven Little Fortunes and other artists to attend strategic conference. This year's "Happy Chinese New Year Stars 2010 World Expo-year get-together" "Shanghai School Spring Festival Evening" and sketches, in addition to the performers who were all on the number of entertainment Waner, and subject matter are also followed by entertainment, current affairs hotspots, create move " Home "Celebration, held" City "Celebration, held the" National "Celebration of the busy scene, accompanied by the TV audience happily along with the New Year. In this year's stage will be the first one is now the nation's first kung fu comedy "bayou apprenticeship", in addition to the WANG Cheng-Kung Fu Zhou Libo himself into battle with the "fight" mouth battle, the disciples of the new Seven Little Fortunes will be homogeneous appearance, with Bobo together " Xiao Kan martial arts. "


Just to fill out the background information on this:
Dayang News (Guangzhou Daily News reporter Lin Fang) Orient TV recently announced in Beijing from February 12 until February 28 consecutive 17-day Lunar New Year special programs to create more files, including "Star Family New Year," "Shanghai School Spring Festival Evening" "comedian Fair" "Song will host", etc. In order to meet this special time slots, Dragon TV is currently ahead of schedule, "warm" prime-time, all the original prime-time television series occupy all give up sessions, variety shows, and emotional type of program have changed from 19:30 to 22:30 prime time broadcast.

It is learned that, in these special programs, the star line-bright, which led Zhou Libo (Zhou Libo is wearing the hat in the photo's above) one consecutive 17 days of the screen, Monday to Saturday's "Yi Zhou Libo Show" will be laughing every night Kan stars such as Yao Ming, Han Han and Li Yuchun, big year 1, Zhou Libo together with Jackie Chan appears in the "Happy Star Expo □ 2010-year Chinese New Year get-together" on hand in staging the "Shanghai School PK Chinese Kung Fu Qing mouth."



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