Friday, February 19, 2010

Nice Article about Reactions in Berlin

Nice article outlining the reactions of journalists, fans and audiences to Jackie and "Little Big Soldier" in Berlin:
Beijing February 17, Jackie Chan "Little Big Soldier" was held in Berlin, the European premiere of a grand ceremony, Jackie Chan and Members of major crew 11 appearances, which can hold 1,800 people theater was packed, but grew up after the end of the moviegoing 5 minute standing ovation, proved once again that as an international superstar Jackie Chan's global appeal, but also let "Little Big Soldier" this in good faith Movies Received the wholehearted approval of the European audience.

European media has been hailed as "great film"

European audience can understand the humor in China do? The answer is yes. Last night, 1800 European audience and Jackie Chan watched the "Little Big Soldier". It is remarkable that all of these audiences to come to their own tickets. The middle of the moviegoing audience laughing, all the humor, accept the European audience, the audience applause pay tribute to up to five times. While viewing the end of the audience responded with a collective stand up to 5 minutes of applause, as an expression of their international superstar Jackie Chan, for this life, rich in humor, he also implies that the "Little Big Soldier" in a sincere tribute. Jackie Chan has said that his film of the international, European premiere ceremony yesterday once again demonstrated the demeanor of the international star, but also proved once again that Jackie Chan's movies are international, no wonder the media briefing the day before yesterday , a German media, the "Little Big Soldier" described as a "great movie."

1800 foreign audiences want to see the film

To participate in the premiere ceremony yesterday, and watching film audience to come to his or her own ticket, the face of 1800 the enthusiasm of the audience, Jackie Chan Bao Quan brother is also on stage to hand over the site in order to thank the fans of Chinese-style ritual, while frequently bow, kiss, making heat up the atmosphere of the scene bursting, Jackie Chan, and the audience surround the key creative crew asked for an interactive, how Jackie Chan, who is not willing to leave such a scene also made Jackie Chan, as well as the film crew moved.

In fact, the enthusiasm of the audience watching the films already beginning to be felt before, and had only arranged Film Festival red carpet in a brief session, about 5 minutes, but Jackie Chan and "Little Big Soldier" has a whole crew walk for 20 minutes, on the red carpet on both sides of the enthusiasm of the audience and the media made every major crew had to stop several times a photo camera, in order to satisfy the fans request, Jackie Chan, Big Brother is run on the altar several back and forth. Since yesterday, the local temperature of only minus 12 degrees, the film crew were dressed in flimsy dress, but the enthusiasm of the fans and the media so that they can feel the deep warmth.

The European fans crazy star-chasing - Jackie Chan appeared touched by Berlin

As early as Jackie Chan to Berlin moment, the enthusiasm of fans in Europe had been very high. Starting that day, Jackie Chan, the rate of crew members of the eldest brother in the air nearly 20 hours flying from Hong Kong to Moscow to Berlin. After a blizzard because of the way, private aircraft than originally planned time as late as some, but have already learned that Jackie Chan's journey of media and fans waiting at the airport early in the morning, even if the aircraft delays still persist. While a group of reporters waiting for a long time because of a private airport, are too restrictive and does not allow filming, and even then are not hindered the enthusiasm of journalists.

When Jackie Chan's car came to staying at the hotel, hundreds of fans and the media have already arrived here, because it can not stop the enthusiasm, the hotel had doubled to dispatch security personnel, that we finally put Jackie Chan in a crowd welcoming into the room. Jackie Chan fans in Germany can be described as a lot, even the taxi drivers are very excited to bring one: "My son Favorites him!" Press conference was over, a senior reporter at the door on the early specifically so I hope to be Jackie Chan to his daughter's signature.

After the interview, it is late at night, when the film crew out of the VIP lanes on both sides from the European winter snows in the hundreds of fans waiting for the idols, and immediately exclaimed bursts autograph. Among them, a young man from Hamburg, came specially excited, saying: "Jackie Chan is the big star in Hollywood, this time in Berlin, I can get the signatures of Leonardo, and Jackie Chan, too lucky!"


A positive response like this can surely only mean good things for the world-wide distribution of the movie so lets all hold thumbs for that to happen in a big way soon.


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