Tuesday, February 9, 2010

information on Little Big Soldier - Berlin Film Festival

Here is the information on the times and screenings and events for Little Big Soldier at the Berlin Film Festival for those who may be interested:

1. Press Conference: Tuesday February 16:

Berlinale Special
Da bing xiao jiang | Little Big Soldier by Ding Sheng
20.10 Photo Call
20.20 Press Conference

2. Screenings:

Wed Feb 17 21:00 Friedrichstadtpalast (CN, E)
Thu Feb 18 17:30 Urania (CN, E)
Sat Feb 20 22:30 Urania (CN, E)

3. Ticket Sales:

At the moment tickets are only on sale for the first screening LINK HERE. Tickets are 12.50 EUR.

To download the full catalog/program for the festival LINK HERE This is a direct link to the PDF so RIGHT CLICK AND 'SAVE AS'.

Festival website HERE


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