Thursday, February 11, 2010

Answering Google Search Questions

Q. Which Suburb does Bob Ho live in in America

A. Spy Next Door was filmed in Albuquerque New Mexico. The suburb in which they filmed a lot of the scenes is new (at the time) residential housing complex. Other scenes were filmed in the Uptown Mall and at holiday resort on the outskirts of Albuquerque.

Q. Which song/lullaby/Chinese song does Jackie sing in Spy Next Door?

A. He sings the theme song from his 2006 movie Rob-B-Hood called Ba Ma de Hua or Parent Song - Lyrics to the song can be found HERE.

Q.Jackie Chan loves to drive and stare at the rain?

A. Yes he does love to drive.

Q. Jackie Chan's regular exercise?

A. Yes he does exercise regularly. See today's picture on Twitter for his 'usual' workout these days.

Q.Little Big Soldier premier?

A. Depends on which one you are asking about. Jackie had a premier concert - details HERE, HERE and HERE, a preview premier at his new movie theater complex - details HERE, HERE and HERE but otherwise it will premier ie start showing nationwide in China on the 14th February 2010.

Q. Little Big Soldier Trailer


Q. Various questions about lyrics

A. You can find links to the lyrics I have found in the sidebar. I will find specific songs if asked ... IF I am not flooded with 1001 requests.

Q. Little Big Soldier Characters

A. Ok this is an interesting one and perhaps worthy of a post all on it's own which I have just decided I am going to do


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