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Serialized Books on Sina.Com

One of the nice things about Sina is that they have a section with serialized books (like Readers Digest if you know what that is).

This is an extract from a book (sān lián wén cóng:xiù cháng hòu tái) by Weng Jing about Jackie and charity:
Jackie Chan, the general chatter like a preacher preaching to his philanthropic theory, he does not deny some people will think that he was putting on a show.

, Called "Angel Wings" campaign is to improve student life in poor areas of Yunnan. There is a school can get 21 per person per month potatoes, there is no alternative other vegetables, the first grade students to cook their own food; the other students in the region only cabbage soup goes well with rice, no oil salt. Jackie Chan's original plan with the Huayi Brothers from the new movie "Baby Project" in box-office come up with one million yuan as a donation, but before the event to have found provides a 2 million yuan China Merchants Bank sponsorship. Jackie Chan in the interview have always stressed the need not ask him about his new film, originally scheduled to attend the other two main characters are Louis Koo and high round for fear of overwhelming and did not come.

Jackie Chan, the general chatter like a preacher preaching to his philanthropic theory, he does not deny some people will think that he was putting on a show. After all-star charity has long been regarded as a means of propaganda, in fact, some stars did. One of the Northwest region last year, looking for water-related activities, invited a large number of stars, many of whom have collected appearance fees. In fact, free-Star appearance would have been willing to due diligence, the Hong Kong every year organization "Star Yao Bao-liang," fund-raising, appearances will be followed by two young singers back in hand basket, went before the audience, who are not embarrassed pays for.

Reporter: When did you start to do charity? Jackie Chan Charity Cup is said that you do the Tour because of Moxi shoot, when to stay at home is too boring?

Jackie Chan: In the past the government wanted me to do, saying that a child wants to see you. At that time I was idol when I say 30 years ago, I said: "No, I have nothing to see it?" Filming to make money the most important. But I forgot hours the Red Cross gave me a big raise. Called many times, and finally I went once, that the moved. They arranged that those children had taken me hold me, say one for each host I am very ashamed, he said: "Jackie Chan's uncle is very happy to see you!" I am not delighted? "Jackie Chan's uncle in order to see that you bought a lot of gifts." That's a gift someone else to buy 呀! Have been cheated, I have been so ashamed. "If you want do not want to know what Jackie Chan's uncle bought a gift to you?" "If you want!" Ah! I do not know what is inside. I opened a sub to them, they thank my queue. At that time, I put to utter shame, the original whole event I have a lie, a sham. To the back repeatedly said, "Jackie Chan's uncle next year you will see us?" I said: "Yes, the whole event is false, this can not be false." That year I went back there, which I really over. Ball-like snowballing, and I said fans should not donate anything to me, like donate money, and then set up a fund developed to Hawaii, the United States, Japan, Jackie Chan fund. I would also like to honor the Americans give money only to local Chinese, and I hope that the fund is no race, no boundaries, regardless of color, it's that slowly grew and grew.

Reporter: In addition to donations what else way?

Jackie Chan: a hospital. I have two hospitals in Canada, San Francisco has a center for the elderly, many Chinese immigrants to go over there, sons and daughters of big run away, the elderly nobody. Australia to my mom named Science Center, a gym, too much.

Reporter: Yang Lan said, the charity can not be the basis of personal passion, must be the introduction of commercial mechanisms, how do you think?

Jackie Chan: Be sure to have. How much of my personal power? Not much only use my friends, relations, and now buy my films, distribution of my films, first promised to do charity. My agent brands of clothes, how much money each year to bring it to do charity, because you sell clothes, I know how much you can lie to me, but you do not deceive yourself. I moved so many people had never lied to me. Last year, my "Dragon trip" project, built more than a dozen schools, returned to Hong Kong have dinner, I took a picture to the big business bosses friends, seeing, see their tears on the spot has donated more than 200 million HK dollars .

Reporter: What to do charitable activities, difficulties in the public do not know? Such as fund-raising is difficult?

Jackie Chan: Fund-raising is definitely more difficult. People to spend money on is always difficult, and I come and go and raising money are always a few great friends, I can not always ask them to donate, but the endless charity work, how can the community do it? I have to do a Shanghai 8 million people in concert, Lohan easy to please please Guanyin, Guanyin please Lohan hard to find, out of 18 individuals each one is 18. Walking in the street, people tell you that you donate 100 to the Jackie Chan funds, people would certainly say: if it is true? Jackie Chan also need to donate money Mody? If the concert, 100 tickets, some people will buy a 10. Become a habit for so many years past, they do not believe me, now I say what they believed. Because I went to mountains, money and efforts, they see it.

Reporter: Why do not they believe you?

Jackie Chan: They do not believe that a very young person to do such a thing might be doing propaganda bar. I have no past performance to you see, your heart first thought was he was doing publicity. Today, so you do not think that there is no such "Baby," I will do in next month I went to Harbin, Nanjing, charity concerts, mid-to Shaanxi for them to build a primary school, the Jackie Chan Charitable works have I positive industry. There is also a desire, I have too many fans around the world last month, has received contributions from 19 countries, 15 languages, more than 30 kinds of coins, I think it's to build a peace park, whether in Yunnan, or the big cities, which Apart from loving the world, the greatest need is peace.

Reporter: Now, some people will use other people's love for profit, and even the beggars have a professional, you have not received any cheat?

Jackie Chan: too much. I give people to take advantage to do charity work, too, keep track of. A kind of rice will raise a hundred people, such persons will not be easy, I hope he will change the future. Everyone has good-hearted, a momentary greed would go a crooked path in hopes that through different channels to correct them.

Reporter: But relying on a person's strength can affect the world people?

Jackie Chan: I think so, not influence it does not matter, I have influenced my own, I am better, I am taking each step forward and every word I will be very loud speakers all over the world including Hong Kong Chief Executive, Chief Executive of Macao call me soon as Jackie Chan's older brother, I can stand the name. This is what I go now, everyone believed that I speak, I am happy, I fall asleep to sleep before you have done bad things, all I can not sleep. I photographed bad movies, cheating the audience, every film released, I saw the movie's name is very afraid of. I have to learn from our mistakes corrected, I hope that through this visit, the impact of those deceptive people.

Reporter: I had an eye for girls funded activities to see you cry like this kind of thing much?

Jackie Chan: That was a small cry, I cry Xilihuala last year in Yanbian, too many things that moved me. Look at your little girl eyes and dare not, and my mother said, for fear her mother worried that such a small girl would have thought that Hong Kong will be with her mother to a child what kind of phone. I went to Yanbian, so many deaf children use sign language to sing "A Hero Never Dies" and I watched them that there are no tears from tears, I have been crying, this is moving.

Reporter: You will use this moment in the movie good?

Jackie Chan: casually will be used in the movie.

Reporter: a kind of argument is that the foreign charity can be tax-free, but China's contributions to tax-free has not really implemented, how do you see?

Jackie Chan: Taiwan does not have duty-free Mody? I am a person who does not count, I have never thought about tax-free, how to avoid law I do not know.

Reporter: I heard you are a very saving people.

Jackie Chan: What's been saving, I am saving and I like to clean the degree can be annoying. Shampoo signs of shape I have to straighten out, I would like to make people around me so that they are afraid of me. If my brothers line up five individuals to urinate can not urinate finished according to each one, to five people finished with the press. 5 times on a dozen gallons of water, they do not imagine that it was water to do.

Reporter: Do you have the way to teach his son do?

Jackie Chan: I have asked Fang Zuming (Jaycee Chan) urine using a grid paper, stool with two grid paper. He came back from the United States to buy a new computer, I object, he was not happy. South Asia floods, Performing Arts's union sent him to, he came back to donate 30 million and says that he bought, I asked why, he said: "I find that they need clean water is more important than I need a computer." Big city child think that there is an open tap water, reaching there phones, it is not, we are suffering them there. We would like to eat a vegetable tofu to master playing, sleeping on the floor Exalted urine, cat urine all, is what I came for. A new generation of young people is not without rules, but for me, they do not have rules. Their culture is so, for me, is that no culture, we respect your teacher, they are all "Yeah!" (So Jay-style gestures)

Reporter: I heard that you are in Hong Kong Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director, with the intention to do in the future in politics?

Jackie Chan: Yes, the vice president of the National Environmental Protection Association, I am old and I make a mistake. Not come before politics, now must pick up and can not delegate what I do. I will do the environment that I will crack down on triad.

Reporter: Do you want to be the chief executive do?

Jackie Chan: No, I do not, I am not the kind of talent. I want to manage traffic, garbage, triad.

Reporter: That is a Chief Superintendent of the.

Jackie Chan: Yes, the police do more film, my film is that I want to do. Police, FBI, fire can be.

(Editor: kiki)

Article taken from the "sān lián wén cóng:xiù cháng hòu tái" Author: MENG Jing Publisher: Living SDX Joint Publishing Co.





  成龙:以前是政府要我去做,说小孩子想见你。那时候我是偶像派,我讲是30年前,我说:“不去了,我有什么好见的?”拍戏赚钱最重要。但我忘记了小时是红十字会给我养大的。叫了很多次,终于我去了一次,那次就感动了。他们安排好的,那些小孩子抓我抱我,主持人每讲一句我都很惭愧,他说:“成龙叔叔见到你们很开心!”我没有开心呀?“成龙叔叔为了见你们买了很多礼物。”那礼物是别人买的呀!一直在骗,我一直很惭愧。“想不想知道成龙叔叔买了什么礼物给你们?” “想!”啊!我都不知道那里面是什么。我打开一个个分给他们,他们排队谢谢我。那时候我无地自容,原来整个活动我都在骗人,是假的。到后面再讲,“成龙叔叔明年你会来看我们么?”我说:“会,整个活动是假的,这个不能假”。那年我又去了那里,这是我真正地过来。滚球似的越滚越大,我说影迷不要捐东西给我,捐钱就好了,然后成立一个基金,发展到夏威夷、美国、日本的成龙基金。美国人给钱我还要兑现,只能给当地华人,我希望基金是没有种族、没有界限、不分颜色的,就这么慢慢越做越大。








  成龙:他们不相信一个年纪轻轻的人做这种事情,可能是做宣传吧。我没有以前的业绩给你看,你心里第一个念头是他在做宣传。今天你不会这么觉得,没有这个《宝贝计划》我还是会做,下个月中我到哈尔滨、南京做慈善演唱会,月中到陕西,为他们盖一个小学,成龙慈善工程已经是我的正业。还有一个愿望,我全世界有太多影迷,上月收到的捐款有19个国家、 15种语言、30多种钱币,我想不如盖个和平园,不管在云南,还是大城市,这世界我们除了有爱心之外,最需要的就是和平。






















文章摘自 《三联文丛:秀场后台》 作者:孟静 出版社:生活·读书·新知三联书店



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