Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dragon's Heart Ceremony Beijing

Chinese Society of Education Yong-Fu Guo, executive vice president's speech.

Chinese Dancers Association, Honorary Chairman Jia Zuoguang speech.

From across the country, more than 180 artists presented a small increase, "I love my motherland," painting and calligraphy works

The ceremony live on the "charm school" a decade has made outstanding units and individuals to be commended.
February 4, by the China Education Society, the China Education Television Association, the Chinese literature and art Foundation jointly sponsored a "charm school" of the Tenth National School Spring Festival opening ceremony in Beijing. Well-known movie star Jackie Chan attended the opening ceremony.

"Charm School" is a series of activities at the national levels, types of schools and educational institutions have a high popularity and reputation of the art exhibition of educational outcomes, there is a certain degree of social influence, the authority of China's brand of cultural activities on campus.


Qianlong Beijing February 4 hearing date of beginning of spring, the Great Hall of the Central Hall of voices, a round of applause, to Beijing to attend the show to the children's laughter that resounded through the hall, even more, because each of them have received a "Hero Big Brother, "sent Jackie Chan's love small bags. In the "Charm School" Spring Festival Evening tenth campus launch ceremony, Jackie Chan announced that he was sponsored by the Heart Lung sub-section 25 schools settled Lulong County, Hebei Province.

Launch ceremony, the vice chairman of the Tenth National People's Congress Gu Xiulian, Liu Bin, former vice minister of Ministry of Education, the Chinese Dancers Association, Honorary Chairman Jia for light to jointly open the first Spring Festival of the Tenth National Campus Nightlife prelude. Commended the organizers of "charm school" Ten years have made outstanding contributions to the development of units and individuals from across the country for more than 180 artists of the opening ceremony presented a site to "my country my family" as the theme of painting scroll, and their excellent work won the on-site guests and audience acclaim.

With a heavyweight guests - Jackie Chan appears, the audience suddenly boiling up. Long sub-section 25 schools Heart Lulong County, Hebei Province, settled in the donation ceremony opened the curtain of this particular aspect. Jackie Chan's contributions to the county Bureau of Education 1.5 million yuan, to have been built, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, "Dragon's Heart" mentally retarded child care center donated more than 10 million yuan worth of heating equipment. Jackie Chan told the students that, you have a good environment, we must learn in the future to serve the motherland. This is the greatest reward for me. Built with donations from the Jackie Chan, Changchun, Jilin, "Dragon's Heart" We hope that the school will be represented by Jackie Chan has brought the students themselves created a work of painting and calligraphy to express our gratitude to all students.




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