Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Information about Chinese Zodiac AKA AOG3

Jackie Chan said "After returning to China, I can shoot, I want to make the film, which is why I recently focused on domestic causes." He also revealed that, the next will shoot his first 100 movie: "Zodiac."

"'Twelve Chinese Zodiac', "is the final action film"

It is understood that the film "Little Big Soldier" is a Jackie Chan film 48 years from the first 99 entries. Jackie Chan said in his first 100 film, "Zodiac" will be filmed on location in the Summer Palace. Chinese zodiac animals returned to China in the first story, which will be his last one with intense action movies.

Chan said: "If you want 100 are all good movies have a tough. Just a small fee of an actor when I do not know where his future, other people what to shoot on the cinema." He also admitted that he filming in Hollywood are for the money, "there for me to paycheck too high and therefore I will take pictures. But Hollywood will not give me the money to make "Little Big Soldier" this type of literature and art film."

In recent years, shooting a "Myth" "Rob-B-Hood" "Little Big Soldier", "Spy Next Door", Jackie Chan's work is moving away from the audience are familiar with Hong Kong action films into a new style. He said he would like to take, "Zodiac" return, "because this movie the action will be very intense from the start, then I will make an action movie, but the fierce action movie, "Zodiac" will be is the last one."



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