Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Big Soldier Advance Screening

Jackie Chan's new movie "Little Big Soldiers," co-starring Jackie Chan and Lee Hom Wang and set to premiere on Feb 14, the Chinese New Year, had an advance screening at the first "Jackie Chan Theater" in Beijing on Monday.

Jackie Chan played the role of a "little big soldier" who had served for decades in the Liang army during China's Warring States Period, but had never killed a single enemy because of his good nature. His greatest wish was to return home and live a peaceful life as a farmer on his own small piece of land. But during an ambush battle against the Wei army, he captured - or rather "kidnapped"- the heroic but injured Wei prince, played by Lee Hom Wang. Thus began his long journey to bring the prince back to Liang and collect the reward of five acres of farmland, but his kindness creates many twists and turns in the journey.

At the screening, both Jackie Chan said the movie delivered the simple message that a man should live and fight for his family. In the movie, all the "little big soldier" wanted was a simple and peaceful family life, so he wished for the war's end through any way possible, even rescuing the enemy general. It highlights the close ties between family and country in that period of history. He also said the movie aims to tell the younger generations they should be satisfied and thankful for the life they have now, stop pursuing luxuries and commercialism, and think more about how they can contribute to their country.

"I don't know about other kids, but I see my son switch to new models of mobile phones all the time, while some other kids can't even get one that they want. He wasted too much money on functions that he doesn't need. "

It was also revealed at the screening that the Jackie Chan Theater will help the new generation of Chinese directors and screenwriters show their movies in the theater at a low cost.

"I would like to build a new channel for these new directors and screenwriters to display their works, and bring audiences the movies they love at a very low cost. This is one of my dreams. I plan to open up Jackie Chan Theaters all over China, and use part of the profits for charity as well as have free tickets for kids on Saturdays. I hope we can make billions in profits so I can have more money for charity."

I really like Jackie's ideas ... free tickets for kids ... very clever and thoughtful! Long term benefits of an idea like that far outweigh short term costs.


Cris said...

Would you happen to know anything about the Chinese Bazaar Mens magazine that the cast of LBS sat for photos? THere is a vid up on youtube about it. Do you know if it has been released yet. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you search this blog I have photos from that magazine shoot. If you search the blog LOL I posted a link to yesterday of Jackie's stylist there is an entry about the magazine ... but no I don't know if that particular edition has been published yet.

Thanks for the heads up about the youtube video!

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