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Jackie Inspired in part by Audrey Hepburn

At some point in the creation of the story of 'Little Big Soldier' Jackie says that he was inspired by a movie by Audrey Hepburn and that he wanted originally to make 'Little Big Soldier' as short movie (> 30 mins) entirely by himself ie he would write, direct, film, act etc etc entirely on his own. Sounds like an intriguing concept to me.

Also served as producers, story key creative, and action director, starring Jackie Chan and many other identities, to bring its first 99 Movies "Private Game" reached the Lunar New Year Lunar New Year stalls, this by Lee Hom , Seung Jun, Lin P, Baoqiang Other people's action-comedy film about the world at 12:00 on February 14 release. After talking about this 20 years onto the big screen movie, Jackie Chan admitted, films inspired by the famous actress Audrey Hepburn.

A story like twenty years

As early as twenty years ago, Jackie Chan's mind had already surfaced film "Private Game" The prototype, but then he only thought at the beginning and end, recalling the circumstances, Chan said: "We thought about this story is something many years ago, and was just about shape, the original thought when the two hostile , a soldier captured a great general, to charge him to go back Ling Shang, and I is that no soldier culture. while the two were together all the way to go, there must be many interesting things happen, for example, I have you in South Korea In Beijing, I wanted to take you to South Korea, but the results you actually brought me to Beijing to be a ... ... "

The middle of the process of how to prop up more than an hour of the film, while filling the Jackie Chan is a headache, so the story aside, Jackie Chan himself, said: "The reason I had never shot, because this thing looks a lot of fun, but how do extend into more than an hour films? may be 15 minutes, half an hour will be a lot of fun, but then I would be written, and have been placed today. "

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn

Jackie Chan's screen career may be said to be relatively smooth, due to his excellent skill base debut soon became a leading actor, you have not seen a few years as a director filming a "laughing boxing weird measures." Jackie Chan in the film's success so want to try more possibilities, but he was essential to establish a screen image of a hero, many ideas can not be achieved, but Jackie Chan is still constantly think about what you really want to shoot film.

Occasionally, the Jackie Chan saw Audrey Hepburn in the completion of an independently produced film, inspired by the initial composition of the film "Private Game" came from. Jackie Chan hopes to shoot a movie completely on my own to complete, he recalled: "Audrey Hepburn in the movie which she played a blind man, the play on her side of a person done. I want to make a full the completion of my own movies, no photo no light, all on my own camera, playing lights, boot, performing all the ... ... really is a personal movie. but now the movie is group work, a person on its own can not be successful , so I think that if I was a soldier, how to shoot a story like this. "

Directed jointly by the Mainland

Let the story of Jackie Chan Hunqianmengying two decades, was finally directed Ding Sheng onto the screen, director, co-operation with the mainland for the first time, Jackie Chan does not feel strange. As early as in 2003, shooting ads to get to know Jackie Chan Ding Sheng, followed by the re-cooperation, and also so that Jackie Chan is more at ease on the small-sung. In 2007, Jackie Chan Ding Sheng with five minutes to talk about the "Private Game" story, Sheng Ding after the script is not only well prepared, even the place dynasty, costumes, props all set up too readily available, so Jackie Chan is very is a pleasant surprise: "wow, the original Ding Sheng so seriously, even the country in what happened, what the dynasty of clothes to wear, there really such a thing happened he was good exam, and history is really about similar things happen off, because the country is too small, the emperor did not attack them, not a fight ... ... Later on, I feel really good, he understood only too well, and give him shoot it. "

And Ding Sheng co-shooting "Private Game", so that Jackie Chan was very happy, which often give newcomers a chance for Chan, it was a successful attempt, Jackie Chan to think: "He has this ability, then I should be give him try, if nothing is done, is equal to zero, I hope that one day he can become a really big director. "But in fact the director of the Jackie Chan is still some fear a day, hiding in the room after the shooting, After the discovery will be offered to Jackie Chan Ding Sheng out of tea for dinner. Chan said: "In the first scene I usually do not speak to what people say, let go of his own play, but when the evening tea, we will certainly pay attention to the. A few days ago received the workers, he is hiding in the room not come out, I do not know this person were doing, the result turned out he was afraid of meeting me, how this path? So I say this is not good, ask him to drink tea, chat, chat about some irrelevant things, laughing and joking after eating rice, and then discuss the future of cinema, how shoot. "

Crew must have "sun cakes"

In the "Private Game" production crew, on the Lee Hom's "sun cakes" have a well-known scripts, the sun was originally Lee Hom to Jackie Chan cake for breakfast snacks, but a shot in the director Ding Sheng Chan requested the temporary change drama, In a time when Jackie Chan Ding Sheng thought his cake to the sun Sheng Ding, Ding Sheng look so inspired by the outbreak, from Jackie Chan Ding Sheng gave a day, the sun cake. At the scene, Jackie Chan often feel the director's program will also allow better every day, "forcing the" Ding Sheng think of new ideas, "Private Game" After the shooting, Ding Sheng eat a lot of sun cake.



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