Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jackie, Lin Peng, Tesiro

One of the sponsors of the Berlin Film Festival is TESIRO jewelery.


TESiRO, one of the world’s leading diamond processing companies, is co-partner of the Berlinale for the second year. And TESiRO is again presenting an exclusive Berlinale jewellery collection.
As a special service, selected festival VIP guests will be able to borrow exquisite pieces of jewellery to adorn their evening wear.

On February 14, to celebrate both the Berlinale and Chinese New Year’s Day, TESiRO will be organising a reception at the Belgian Embassy. To mark the occasion, TESiRO will present the Berlinale with a special glittery birthday gift. As one of its co-partners, TESiRO is also supporting the European Shooting Stars.

Their website is HERE.

Now I am going to direct you carefully to the news about with Jackie as it is a flash site.

First get past the introduction window - I have to say what STUNNING graphics!!!

You should now be on a page with a window and menu bar below the graphics.

Counting from the LEFT click on the FIFTH (5th) link. It should open a window with photos of Jackie and Lin Peng choosing jewelery for her to wear at the premier of 'Little Big Soldier'

OR you could just click on each link, go 'ooh' at all the pretty jewelery and THEN find Jackie LOL

Here is a translation of the text on the page:
Berlin time 8 pm the evening of February 16, handsome brother Jackie Chan, "Private Game" cast appearance in Berlin. Always working hard to cultivate the new big brother of Jackie Chan is known for many years, he said that out of the new Daniel Wu is the most successful examples, this film has also been played by Back to Basics of Linpeng care.

Jackie Chan plays the film Back to Basics for the special attention of the new Lin Peng, Lin Peng said: "The teachers always thought superstar Jackie Chan, co-operation is also up and found him to earth! Once a special night away to help me take the show, as newcomers was moved! "

For the second day in the movie premiere red carpet show, Lin Peng carefully prepared a few pieces of luxury dress, also available in jewelry. But when the crew came to TESIRO psychic jewelry salon, the salon immediately in luxury and fine jewelry gasp in admiration. "We like the set of system with Chinese characteristics, but also very much like the European style of ornate palace."

Lin Peng eventually choose three multi-million jewelry with, of which a set of black and white diamond inlay Lingering Rococo luxury ornaments, using the beautiful curve modeling, lingering hollowing out the exquisite flower-shaped, highly romantic feelings in Europe, pairing a black bubble pattern sleeve dress of deep U mopping the floor.

In addition, they fancy a set of simple geometric shape of Love Walzer is full of retro mood, sizes patchwork of diamond rings to be stacked, they are snuggling with each other, love never been stopped, show a classical romantic feelings.

New Year came to TESIRO psychic jewelry Sharon, Jackie Chan did not forget to carry crew, in particular New Year wishes to express to the reader: "Here I wish you all a happy New Year for everyone thanks to a old age!" ELLE

And video from SINA.COM of Jackie speaking to the press at TESIRO


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