Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jackie In Tianjin

Zhu Xun, Jackie, Wang Yang

Lin Peng

Steve Yoo Seung Jun

New Seven Little Fortunes

Jackie with the host Wang Yang

Wang Ti

Singing Youcai Flower

"Little Big Solder" upcoming Lunar Year of the Tigers New Year's Day release with the mainland audience. The evening of February 10, the rate of the film Jackie Chan's public debut Tsudo creative staff, participated in the 2010 Spring Festival Evening dance Tianjin TV recording, giving Tianjin audiences a visual feast.

The evening, "Night of laughter in the days - 2010 Spring Festival Evening Tianjin TV comedy song and dance" in Tianjin Bay Grand Theater grand opening. Event is organized by Zhu Xun, Guo Pro and other Oprah over. Well-known magician Fu Yan Dong, "China's first man to imitate," Chang Yi-day, "China's playing a first person," LI Yu-gang, Zhao Benshan of His "Ah egg" Mao Mao and other performing arts such as field stars have performed.

The finale part of the evening to the "Private Game" public key creative. By Jackie Chan and Lin Peng first to debut, bringing a hot and spicy "I was Lin Peng." He played the son of South Korean popular actor Wen Seung Jun sincerely to Tianjin audience "to say thank you." Jackie Chan's disciple the new Seven Little Fortunes, singing songs of the Master's "Guo Jia"

Brother Jackie Chan, of course is the last appearance. In the audience of the call over and over again, by wearing a white Jackie Chan appears in the center of the stage.

Jackie Chan first came to Tianjin, Tianjin dialect pronunciation of a deep interest in, claiming to have great flair for languages. He would like to live with the host school on the ocean. Wang Yang will be taught in Tianjin classic Jackie Chan, then a Ma Sanli - "funny you have to play!" Jackie Chan did not expect to learn quite a bit mean big brother. Then he asked Wang Yang: "If someone told me that 'tease you play', then how should I answer?." Wang Yang: "That you told him, 'Do not look for fun in!'." Jackie Chan's older brother has also studied charm, the exaggerated imitation is even more attracted audience laughing.

I came to Tianjin, how can we not sing? Jackie Chan led his new Seven Little Fortunes of His chorus of "Little Big Soldier" theme song, party in the "YouCai Flower" in a successful singing curtain call.



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