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Some related info on Tigers

Tigers playing in a Safari Park in Shenzen

Safari Park in Shenzhen, beast Valley tiger garden, stocking of the majestic Siberian tiger, than the giant panda still rare South China tiger, known as "the Oriental fighting God," the white tiger, there are 13 extremely rare Liger animals, in order to lion breeding female jaguar, the descendants of the world's only remaining only a few more than 20, and the world's only tiger lion animals existing triplets for the male tiger and lioness breeding offspring. Spring Festival is approaching, the Shenzhen Safari Park, celebrate the Year of the Tiger Tiger.

Shenzhen Safari Park is currently a total of South China tiger, Siberian tiger, white tiger, lion and tiger animal, tiger lions tigers and other beasts nearly 100, including the recent reproduction of 15 Amur tigers and small Liger small animals, very cute. Liger has a small animal triplets were well-known host, Shenzhen, Dong, Zhang Tian-Yu, Zhang Mei Xi and so on adoption.

A variety of tigers in the bionic beast ri free to wander howling running, playing jump, visitors can be separated by glass viewing platform, face to face, face to face with the Tigers, the Tiger Tiger dip enough gas. Beast of prey can also prop up the long valley covered bridges on a fishing rod, "fishing-fu tiger," to watch the Tigers battle Fishing Rope jumping plump Cuts. Visitors can even take the truck for "in-depth ventured," experience has been besieged Tigers thrilling and stimulating.

According to animal experts, animal is a Liger Lion mating with the female jaguar birth to offspring, while the male tiger mating with the lioness gave birth to offspring is called the tiger lion animal. Liger beast and the tiger tiger lion animals have shown a number of characteristics shared with the lion. There are differences between the two, Liger animals like lion, a lion who has the same yellow fur; while tiger lion animal is more like a tiger, the tiger who has gorgeous.

Tiger lion animal animals is more rare than the Liger, one of the reasons is the lioness childbirth than Muhu the great danger of childbirth, in nature there are many lioness died due to childbirth, not breastfeeding tiger lion beast, it is difficult survival; another context, may lie in the genetic exclusion of animal tiger lion animal is more serious than the Liger, born with low immunity, resulting in the survival rate of tiger lion animal animals lower than the Liger. Lions and vixen pregnancy success rate of only 1% to 2%, the survival rate of only 1/500000; while the male tiger and the lioness, as well as the survival rate of pregnancy success rates even lower.

To welcome the arrival of Chinese New Year Year of the Tiger, the Shenzhen Safari Park launch of Year of the Tiger "Shenzhen's first Lunar New Year Cultural Festival", set tiger show, tiger show, tiger culture, science tiger, tiger folklore, shadow tiger, tiger face changing, tiger art, funny tiger Hey Tiger experience is equal to one, including the New Year Festival performance, "cattle Tiger handover ceremony"; Golden Monkey Admission is social shadow "Fu Tiger New Year"; Mullerian Sichuan quintessence of Chinese culture turned hostile, "cattle to tigers to"; stirring "Liger hegemony" performances; beast Valley Tiger Tiger Exhibition; unique taste of the South China tiger married ceremonies; Ocean Year of the Tiger heaven and earth and romantic Valentine's Day and so on.




Scientific Name: Panthera tigris

Population: There could be as few as 3, 200 left in the wild.


The tiger, largest of all cats, is one of the most charismatic and evocative species on Earth; it is also one of the most threatened. Most tigers live in isolated pockets spread across increasingly fragmented forests stretching from India to south-eastern China and from the Russian Far East to Sumatra, Indonesia.

Poisoned, trapped, snared, shot, captured...
Across its range, this magnificent animal is being persecuted. Today, tigers are poisoned, shot, trapped and snared, and the majority of these animals are sought to meet the demands of a continuing illegal wildlife trade - which includes traditional Chinese medicine.

Hunters, traders, and poor local residents whose main means of subsistence comes from the forest, are wiping out the tiger and the natural prey upon which it depends. While poaching for trade continues to menace the tiger's survival, perhaps the greatest long-term threats are the loss of habitat and the depletion of the tiger's natural prey. Large commercial plantations have replaced a lot of tiger habitat in several tropical range countries.

In the past century, the world has lost three of the nine tiger subspecies. The Bali, Caspian, and Javan tigers have all become extinct ... and many scientists believe the South China tiger is “functionally extinct”.

For more information and some stunning photos please follow the link to the WWF Tiger page

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