Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jackie and Air Supply

Nice Story:
About eight years ago, Russell Hitchcock was sitting with his wife at a restaurant in Los Angeles. In walked Jackie Chan.

"I said to the maitre d’, ‘Can you send him over a bottle of whatever he wants on me?’ " Hitchcock said. "Guy came back and said, ‘He’s shooting a movie and he’s not drinking right now, but [he wanted] to thank you very much.’

"So anyway, I see him walk toward the table. I had a couple of cocktails. Anyway he was really very gracious and said he was a big Air Supply fan. … So the next time we played in Hong Kong, there was a huge bouquet of flowers from Jackie. … Every time we go back, there’s a very big flower arrangement."

The list of Air Supply fans is not limited to masters of martial arts. Nor is it confined to ’80s music fans seduced by Hitchcock’s power ballads. Hitchcock hears from fans of all stripes.


And if for some reason you don't recognise the name of the band from the 1980's here is one of their songs:


Cris said...

I love Air Supply too, my favorited is probably Here I am. This is a cool bit of info! Thanks for posting it!

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