Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Big Soldier sweeps the box office!


Jackie Chan's meticulously as "Little Big Soldier" on February 14 officially landed major national cinema, according to data provided by Chupin Fang show premiered the same day only, "Little Big Soldier" won 13.67 million yuan at the box office on the good results, far far more than "three guns Pai An Jing Qi" and "large", even at the box office Guoyi's "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf of the imposing and vigorous figure-wai's" behind them. Screening of more than 4000 in the day field "Little Big Soldier" in a total of about 34 million viewers watched the film, while the feedback from the Internet is not difficult to see that everyone Jackie Chan returned to the Lunar New Year stalls very satisfied with this work.

Jackie Chan's work, "Little Big Soldier" directed by new director Ding Sheng, Jackie Chan, Lee Hom hand in hand, starring Jackie Chan and another disciple of the new Seven Little Fortunes, Korean Dance King Seung Jun, comedy star Baoqiang, Olympic Girl Lin Peng, who appeared side by side. The premiere day, according to feedback from view, "Little Big Soldier" on the first day box-office performance and attendance are satisfactory, although many couples choose to watch on Valentine's Day release over the same period love story, but with the word "Carnival" This Ace's "Little Big Soldier" to be outdone, the words "high quality idol Lee Hom accompany you Guoqingrenjie" and other slogans, "Little Big Soldier" also attracted more attendance, another couple with both family composition, there are many 35 Friends Meet to watch the films. With the continuation of the Spring Festival, potentially very strong the "Little Big Soldier" also continue to be optimistic, expected in the next week there will be even greater breakthrough.

After the first day of release, "Little Big Soldier" has also aroused much discussion in the Internet, many viewers have watched the film after the very satisfied with: "Little Big Soldier" played a very lively plot, suitable for the whole family to see Figure a Lehe. "Wang Lee Hom also the audience's costumes surprised," singer Wang Lee Hom also did not expect to become such a 'dirty', very subversive, but also the special surprise. "appearance when Lee Hom, when a lot of theater where the audience are not surprised by the issued. A wider audience is that "Jackie Chan movie" With the new breakthrough is no longer a pure play, and funny, but with more meaning and content, at the end of subversion is so that everyone may feel emotionally final Snapshots are so that everyone laughter.

"Little Big Soldier" as the Chinese New Year Lunar New Year holiday period is one of the film, although there are many competitors around, but it contains action, comedy, emotional, and many other elements, more Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom lead such a charismatic star, so the audience also relatively broad. In the New Year and Valentine's Day coincides with the unity of two special moment, not only couples can be in the "Little Big Soldier" to enjoy the charm of the stars, but also a lively look at the whole family can be described as a comprehensive attack.

And one recent example, Jackie Chan led the "Little Big Soldier" all the major crew landed in Berlin, can not be ignored overseas box office for the "Little Big Soldier" Adds a fire at the box office.



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