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Private Preview Little Big Soldier - Theater opening

(Reporter Nie Jing) Yesterday, Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom's action-comedy film "Little Big Soldier", in Studio City Studios held a media preview games. This time, Jackie Chan is no longer "The Immortal Superman", and has become a "cowardly," the little guy, martial arts is not loud noise, and only throwing stones to resist the enemy.

Film is a costume piece, the background is the Warring States period, and Leung Kwok-war in defending the country. In the Battle of Wei Liang, Leung Kwok-soldier (played by Jackie Chan) captured defending sovereign Prince (played by Lee Hom), Liang Wei soldiers for escort to the Prince Edward Leung Kwok-Ling Shang, along the way encounter many difficulties and dangers. Jackie Chan a big show of fists, but the heroic image of the past is different from the Jackie Chan is a clever and afraid of death of the soldier, though not jumping off a building is not Speed, but there are also cliff wall of the breathtaking action and throwing stones to pound from behind Highlights of the eye play yards, comedy martial arts is still quite spectacular.

Jackie Chan has said that "Little Big Soldier" is a stress anti-war, peace and pay tribute to the movie. This sounds very serious subject matter, nor even easier for busy Lunar New Year stalls in the exhibition, but the overall effect from the point of view, the film also no lack of humor. But the audience has been generally agreed that while "no longer can play," but Jackie Chan is also very carefully the performance of humor in the work hard, but the effect is difficult to say disappointing. Such as Jackie Chan's always, "I Dieyue the ... ...," an excuse to make some viewers feel that "long-winded."

Very surprised that yesterday's test film, the effect of a smile the best games, because "Shagen" Baoqiang of 3 minutes Xifen. When he was riding threw up a staggering halo lens appears, actually a woman the audience shouted excitedly: "ah, Baoqiang!" And later said: "He will not just been done, right?" Then, not so Baoqiang openings, screen appears on its face close-up, the entire film Office also issued a Comedy, when he fell on the ground they sit in an arrow one said "what circumstances", the audience can not help but smile shot thigh. Many viewers sorry for Jackie Chan and even "cry foul", saying that "he was busy for 90 minutes, but was 3 minutes away Xifen of Baoqiang limelight."

The film will be held February 14 (New Year's) release.


Although the "Little Big Soldier" is still Impossible to meat, and played quite wonderful, but this does not affect the transformation of it to be Jackie Chan to make, because in this film, Jackie Chan went so far as no longer invincible, and even became a skill that some general cowardly escape soldiers, look at works of Jackie Chan over the years, so moving the film itself and decide to love it is first.

This is a very much in line with the Lunar New Year stalls film, audience laughter from the audience to see every soldier Jackie Chan and teenager Lee Hom's hard funny. Although Jackie Chan can not fight, but that does not mean a decrease of hit movie, pay attention to a fixed routine moves of Jackie Chan-style martial arts comedy clever, is still prevalent in the movie through from beginning to lay out all about entertainment-oriented plot, quite consistent with the Lunar New Year stalls the needs of the audience laugh. In his film, Jackie Chan is still not satisfied with the old to the ubiquitous display with their own skill, including a tree-climbing action, must be hands-to show the details! Jackie Chan is to work really hard work to film a model!

Wang Lee Hom should be given a lot of surprises audiences, such as the cinema is not, after a friend reminded me that he had been in "Lust, Caution" in the show, I almost forgot that he had acted in the film, and "Little Big Soldier" will never let You forget Lee Hom, he found dramatic talent, the handsome guy constantly distorted face, but people think he real cute, even to the end, be able to escape out of his mouth strange article, and gradually his language and behavior classified as unity, to be concerned with acting he had. But may have to adapt to his speech costume dramas take a little time, he goes on too clear-cut face, no matter what kind of spoil into are still to come from outside Xinjiang, a foreign land who played a bit-hop scene is really defending the prince -- - Fortunately, his brother, Prince Seung Jun mouth of another, and looks, are also foreigners like! ^ _ ^

Unfortunately, this is a bit like the actor Baoqiang choices drop a little, he played a few minutes, simply to achieve a unified audience laugh points, but for funny, humor, others can only hope that in the Yu-Ming Du, and LU Hui-light such as actor who is, indeed, a bit far-fetched, and Wu Yue played the Bandit, but added there was also pleasantly surprised (at first glance like Jianghua).

"Little Big Soldier" is a man play, play Back to Basics for Lin Peng became the only hope for man drama and emotional components, in the film Xifen few are more of her stunning appearance several times, although the dress simple, face dirty, But this film is the only emotionally moved by the beauty also makes soldiers, supporting him on the road all the way to the Resurrection of Guitian forward. The first film, as a newcomer, have to say that Lin Peng's current performance is worthy of praise, and dance skills are show songs, and one in Hong Kong compared with an ABC, the drama, she graduated from Coban mouth is the most pure of the professional The. Lin Peng faces can also be impressive, I am looking forward to her next movie work, I heard that she had probably shot the film director Zhang Yimou, was later suspended because the project but not developed into, I suppose, "Jinling 13 hairpin," She kinda wanted to come to the right.

However, while "Little Big Soldier" in various roles, through comedy, modeling, and simple plot of the paved, are able to show clear-cut, but the film's story, the plot can not be avoided serious problems, not just clips crushing confusion caused by the is the whole story without scrutiny, the expression of ideological content is too deliberate, films strong emphasis on the Resurrection of Guitian clear sky the mood, in addition to beautiful scenery with a few outlines, the protagonist repeatedly emphasized the "little people", "farm," "Fine" and "my father said," and a series of lines repeatedly, but especially blunt, the audience should occur only by virtue of the frequency of remember the words from the bottom of my heart has not been refused a war on the ordinary people yearning for peace with the deeply emotional heart.

After reading "Little Big Soldier" is another puzzling place: This promotional film is also too bad the bar to do! Brought the whole film there were several worthy of a good zoom, and can fight for the layout of large areas, such as Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom sympathetic relationship, a few natural beauty of the selection and presentation, Jackie Chan has been cheated of the experience of playing ... but now ... presented as if only "Little Big Soldier" the words and the Jackie Chan movie title, as to what the story is? Which era? Absolutely no idea, but as a full theatrical elements, but also is a typical Jackie Chan movie-style video, and even Jackie Chan's fans can not be attracted to the theater viewing, it is extremely failed!

Last night's viewing was carried out Jackie Chan's new private cinema, known as a private viewing will be, but it also came to the several hundred people, cinema well, we are looking at the biggest hall should be comparable to giant screen large screen, was very enjoyable, in addition to the Wukesong a bit in the most distant Tau outside it was still worth a visit.

(Please use this link to view lots of photos)

Interesting details about the theatre in this:
Tencent Entertainment Zeng Jian February 8, Jackie Chan rates "Private Game" Key creative team, will open the Jackie Chan appeared McIlroy International Cinema, the Cinema 17 theater, is the nation's largest Movies Hospital. It is learned that there will be 15 years, Jackie Chan McIlroy International Studios built one after another.

McIlroy Jackie Chan Jackie Chan and Beijing by the International Studios McIlroy Group joint venture, Jackie Chan film and film studios to theme 4 Jackie Chan movie posters hanging. Jackie Chan on his investment in the film also expressed satisfaction with the day of his active interaction with the audience, personally winning the audience award prizes, but also lead, "Little Big Soldier" sing along with key creative team, "Youcai Flower" so that the atmosphere of the scene stirred up climax.

Jackie Chan McIlroy International Studios located in Beijing's Wukesong Stadium north Bloomage Yue-mao shopping center, located in the West Chang'an Avenue and West Fourth Ring Interchange, transportation is very convenient. Studios A total of 17 theater, are equipped with imported digital machines. The total number of seats about 3,500, construction area of about 15,000 square feet, is currently China's largest cinema. One cinema hall is equipped with super-giant seamless screen and 600 seats, has created a single Office of Beijing's largest number of seats of the theater. At the same time this hall, which is the only Asian stage theater equipped with a lift, lighting and sound equipment counts to provide the most comfort to the audience a world-class visual effects, and enjoy unparalleled audio-visual shock effects beyond imagination. Studios also provides a barrier-free access for the disabled and wireless delivery systems, there are five offices can provide free hearing aids hearing impairment.


ANOTHER VIDEO (this one shows some of the theater): HERE


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