Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 China Wuhan East Lake Plum Blossom Festival and CCTV Spring Gala

Short article about the 2010 China Wuhan East Lake Plum Blossom Festival that reveals that Jackie sang two songs on Saturday night - Youcai Flower (LBS theme) and Guo Jia (Country). It also tells us that the show will broadcast on CCTV-6 on 11th of February for those who can see it.

Morning News (Correspondent Hung late) last night, in 2010 China Wuhan East Lake Plum Blossom Festival was held in Hongshan Stadium opening ceremony, in the subsequent "premiere in China. Mei Dance East Lake," Plum Blossom Festival evening party, including Jackie Chan, Athena Chu, Zhou Bichang , Joey Yung, Dong Jie, Ronald Cheng stars, including more than 10-bit biggest names in entertainment to join in for the first time to the Han Wuhan's fans of Jackie Chan's older brother could not help but warm, live singing two, dedicated audience fans.

At 8:07, as the East Lake Plum Blossom Festival to join in the biggest star, Jackie Chan in the public cries of fans slowly rises from the audience, "Today I am pleased to Wuhan to meet you and February 14 Valentine's Day On that day, I will put my latest work, "Private Game" to bring with you to meet. "Jackie Chan's older brother kind of opening scene once again sparked cheers.

The moral support Plum Festival, Jackie Chan's older brother had come prepared, not only sent to the scene of the movie "Private Game" trailer, but also and interest to lead the audience sang the movie theme song, "Youcai Flower" and "Guo Jia" 2 songs.

Jeffrey Lau also attended the opening ceremony of "Koshihikari treasure box," such as crew and Yunlong headed "East wind and rain" crew, Athena Chu, Ronald Cheng, Patrick Tam and other film starring and Joey Yung, Zhou Bichang, Huang Yi, Dong Jie, Pan Yue Ming Performing Arts Star is also full debut. CCTV-6 sets will be broadcast February 11.



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