Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little Big Soldier Tops Box Office

Little Big Soldier is the highest earning Chinese Language film at the box office this week - unfortunately not toppling Avatar from it's top earning perch - but still has an excellent return.
New Year's Day release Jackie Chan's new work, "Little Big Soldier" on the first day of up to 13 million yuan at the box office, released its first week at the box office total 80 million yuan. Screening in more than 4,000 theaters a total of about 34 million viewers watched the film. Chinese New Year holiday at the box office seven days from the point of view, "Little Big Soldier" to become, in the interim period, the highest Chinese-language film at the box-office. Many viewers have given a very high evaluation. Jackie Chan returned to the Lunar New Year stalls evaluation of this masterpiece. In response, Chan thanked fans for support, intends to open the celebration to thank the audience.

"Little Big Soldier" as a "Family" New Year film, the first day of release, many audiences have watched with great satisfaction after, "Little Big Soldier" played a very lively plot, suitable for the whole family to see. Wang Lee Hom also the audience's costumes surprised - singer Wang Lee Hom also did not expect to become such a 'dirty', very different, but also the special surprise. When Wang Lee Hom appeared a lot of audience could not help but marvel. A wider audience is that "Jackie Chan movie" With the new breakthrough is no longer a pure play, and funny, but with more meaning and content, at the end of subversion is so that everyone may feel emotionally final. Snapshots are so that everyone laughter.

Feedback from the audience is not difficult to see Jackie Chan returning to New Year everyone to make very satisfied with the new film. As the film at the box office record breaking achievement, are also very grateful to Jackie Chan fans to support him, "Thank you for 'Little Big Soldier' support, I hope you have more suggestions and recommendations."





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