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Interviews with Ding Sheng - Little Big Soldier

Liu Ye has just finished with "tough guys", they received the invitation to direct Jackie Chan's "Little Big Soldier", Qingdao Ji Sheng Ding director should be directed cutting-edge of the fire was "the fastest" in one of the. February 14, that is, New Year's day, by Ding Sheng director, Jackie Chan, starring Lee Hom's "Little Big Soldier" will be in the major theaters, and after video preview of the media field, response is quite good. Walk the whole country as being the film with Jackie Chan Ding Sheng rally yesterday, disclosed that he would tomorrow Huiqing for the New Year and hope in Qingdao for the film more publicity, in this, his first fans through the news.

Ding Sheng had to Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun-Fat, and many other big stars filmed commercials, is the famous advertising films. Honing his skills in advertising circles for six years, Ding Sheng has directed more than 300 television commercials. He wrote three screen plays, including "Tough Guy." Ding Sheng said two years ago, Jackie Chan and he chatted about his brewing the story for "Little Big Soldier" for 20 years, but did not shoot the "Little Big Soldier" story.

Chan said that the story is very simple, "is the ancient battlefield, a soldier captured a General, hope to bring back Liang Shang." Ding Sheng said the story is not historical, there is no end, Jackie Chan implied that the journey would be interesting and very funny. Jackie Chan Ding Sheng are not interested in directing. Ding Sheng said: "I think all these years I have been simmering film, have done a lot of effort, my brother took a fancy to share the momentum to the director sticks to me." Ding Sheng said, "I found a a quiet place, hold back for half a year to write the first draft. "

New ideas to help change out the Chan

Field from the recently held a media preview of view, "Little Big Soldier" story speaks simplicity, looking very comfortable. Ding Sheng said that in fact the first draft out of Big Brother saw was satisfied, but in order to more smoothly, he and older brother in the shooting carried out before and shot dozens of patch changes the script. So is the final film product belongs to the Ding Sheng independent creation? Ding Sheng thought that "Some of Jackie Chan's Brother same idea, I re-processed, so to speak, half my stuff, half of big brother."

Ding Sheng do not deny that Jackie Chan is the backbone of the film. "When talking about "Little Big Soldier", probably the first reaction of the audience is Jackie Chan. But the movie still have my influence." Ding Sheng said: "I initially thought that co-operation with Jackie Chan must be considerable pressure, but found at the scene, big brother basically will listen to me. We are also able to discuss differences.I can responsibly say that, "Little Big Soldier" is still not quite the same with the other Jackie Chan movies, Jackie Chan in the search for a change, he wanted me to make this 'new' and give him some things he did not have before."

Wang Lee Hom acting very "masculine"

"Little Big Soldier" in Lee Hom completely removed idol halo, performing simple, very "masculine". Ding Sheng full of praise for the performance of Lee Hom. However, Ding Sheng frankly, in the beginning, was also worried that such a teen-idol actor can remove the body image to play "dirty"? Ding Sheng said that he consulted with Lee Hom and made it clear that he must sacrifice his own image.

"2000 years ago to fight, be sure it is not a bath, and he agreed to this, so it is shot." Ding Sheng said that to allow Lee Hom weighing tens of pounds of clothes to wear can also punched and kicked freely. Ding Sheng let Wang Lee Hom get fit before filming. For Wang Lee Hom's excellent performance in the film, Ding Sheng said he was surprised. "I hope this is his transformation film. He played a very structured, very heavy. Since he can not just be an idol." Ding Sheng said with a smile.

Crew mantra into Baoqiang lines

"What situation?" Is Baoqiang in the "Little Big Soldier" in the classic lines. Ding Sheng broke the news that it is really "unintentionally" in an accident. He disclosed that Baoqiang into the group, Jackie Chan did not know who he is, so just gave him a small role. "The performance of a very innocent satisfactory end, give him to arrange to play a messenger. Then the day crew, various departments asking the sentence is 'circumstances', on the arrangements for him, did not expect out of such an effect. "Little Big Soldier", the Jackie Chan's "I Die Shui" has become a classic lines. Ding Sheng said that this really is his originality, his continuity throughout the ages the "tough guy" style, Liu Ye, the film has a pet phrase, "political commissar, said," Ding Sheng said that for farmer-turned-soldier, the "father" is his "political commissar." In ancient times, a farmer, and his thinking is from an early age, "father" of the lessons learned in the past. "I Dieyue" reflects the soldiers of the most pristine side. Ding Sheng of "Little Big Soldier" at the box office are confident that he hoped fans have gone to the movie theater to the offering of his field. In addition, he said, the next they have to be completed this year the film "Tough Guys" in a sequel to the shooting, the current script has been completed, the protagonist remains Liu Ye.

February 14, New Year, starring Jackie Chan film "Little Big Soldier" will be released at the Castle Theater, directed by film director Ding Sheng, before that he just filmed "Tough Guy" and other films, as a a new director, so why get Jackie Chan's favor? In the studio, the director is the authority? Or everything is "big brother" Jackie Chan have the final say? February 10th, 11 Ding Sheng an exclusive interview to answer these questions.

New director, Jackie Chan will want to "gamble"

Ding-sheng told reporters that he and Jackie Chan awareness through commercials, "I directed him to the three ads, some ads may have to shoot two or three days, sometimes dinner, singing, are also considered, and However, he only took me a start as an ad director, and will not talk to me about the film until you see the "Tough Guy" film." Ding Sheng said that Jackie Chan was surprised: "So you will make a movie!" Ding Sheng chatted on and I had always want to make a story, which is the "Little Big Soldier" prototype, a soldier, one will be the story, but specifically, how frankly could not think of Jackie Chan's film, has been on hold.

"But I think this story is useful to do the first, giving himself room to play a very large, and his idol but also working with Jackie Chan movies are also very attractive. Although he was only casually, one said, but I put this thing child as his own the fix" Ding Sheng then spent a year's time, "Little Big Soldier" to write the script out to see Jackie Chan showed. Jackie Chan astonished, exclaimed: "I have not said I will let you shoot it!" Ding Sheng let Jackie Chan read and after he contracted Ding Sheng to direct "Little Big Soldier" In fact, Jackie Chan is also gamble with new directors like me, but also such a film that he valued." Ding Sheng said.

Ding-sheng told reporters that the film shot at the beginning that he does have some stress, "says Jackie Chan, Big Brother is impatient. In the studio he hoped that all things are moving as fast as is possible". So, Ding Sheng shot when there is pressure, "but the pressure soon diluted, and Jackie Chan and I do have a basis for cooperation.Between the two of us are also more similarities. We are both from Shandong, are impatient. I also do not like dallying and shoot the third day. People around big brother gave me feedback that Big Brother is satisfied. "

Video has just shot, the Ding Sheng took his idol Jackie Chan wanted to play in the above to sign a name, but Jackie Chan has not signed until the end of Jackie Chan's filming the initiative to sign, and wrote the above sentence: "I am not wrong in the choice."

Man who is in charge to listen to my show is Jackie Chan

Although the director is the authority of a crew, but many people believe that this is Jackie Chan creativity. Ding Sheng is also new to the scene Jackie Chan definitely has the final say. Ding Sheng said: "Jackie Chan is also a step by step done from the bottom up, and he understands the director, in the studio he is listening to me, especially the theater part of the text, even if there is anything to discuss, he is in the evening to find me to have a private chat."

Most of the humor, the film focused on Jackie Chan's body, Ding Sheng think this is normal, because it has always been a Jackie Chan movie, and must be in Jackie Chan's body plus a lot of things, the audience will have fresh, while Lee Hom before the speech of the play too much, the audience will see what is fresh. Ding Sheng's performance in the film that Lee Hom is also a successful play in the beating when the started his martial arts often find the exact location of Lee Hom, Jackie Chan played complain incessantly, not a direct hit in the hands of Jackie Chan, that is hit There is no protection of the joints, let Jackie Chan enough to create misunderstandings, but Lee Hom is more left-handed guide to the martial arts out of a great challenge, because it did not expect, all are designed to play right-handed play, changing the play, then moves on the low-grade, asymmetry, Wang Lee Hom informed of this, it frequently in private practice hard with his right hand the sword, so that everyone was very impressed.

The lower part of the film and Liu Ye cooperation, a "Tough Guy 2"

Although the co-operation is very happy, but the filming process is actually quite difficult, because the viewfinder to complex terrain in Yunnan Province, the daily working crew must Bashansheshui, the journey long, four transfer scene so that everyone became a "Mix", he drove did not go in places, people are still hobble around inside the machine.

Of course, everyone will Kuzhongzuole, especially Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom, often facing the valley burst into singing the response to particularly good effect, Chan is also said: "In the valley, singing, I feel completely satisfying and the results were compared with a concert good. "

February 14, films must meet with the audience, although a lot of the Lunar New Year movie files, Dante Sheng confident at the box office, "we are currently receiving praise this film are very good, in the same period films shown in , it does have its own unique style and quality, "Ding Sheng also hope that fellow Qingdao lot to support their movie theater. And the next, Ding Sheng will continue filming the movie "tough guy 2", is still co-operation and Liu Ye. Reporter Fa-Yan



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