Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interesting Blog, Interesting Info

Firstly I found this REALLY interesting blog today - this guy is plainly a regular make-up artist/hairstylist for Jackie. You can find his blog HERE - It goes to the original blog in Chinese - you may do your own translating because the pictures from SINA blogs do not show in the Google translation. If you work your way back you can see a variety of entries all featuring Jackie. NO juicy inside info I am afraid LOL but interesting nonetheless.

One bit of information though I found extremely interesting
Big Brother a white dress symbolizes the film's continuing success.
Now I wonder if that is just Jackie's thing or a regular Chinese thing because he wore white again yesterday at the soft opening of the theater complex. I will try ask a few people and see what I find out. If you have any thoughts on this please share them.

He also said that Steve Yoo wears red for the same reason. Now red as a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture I do know about which makes Jackie's choice of white interesting.


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