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Interview with Jackie about Little Big Soldier and Chinese Zodiac

The evening of February 3, Jackie Chan to bring Lee Hom, Seung Jun, Baoqiang, the new Seven Little Fortunes, Lin Peng, and directors and other creative staff appeared Ding Sheng Beijing Wukesong Sports Center, "Private Game" Spring Festival Gala Premiere, more kin, Jonathan Lee, Jaycee Chan, Zhao Benshan, a small Shenyang and other stars to help out, in order to film the campaign.

Zhao Benshan expressed support for a brief appearance

In Beijing for Spring Festival Evening sketches and busy Zhao Benshan and small Shenyang mentoring, in order to support an old friend of Jackie Chan, deliberately rushed to the premiere ceremony of the scene. Zhao Benshan and small Shenyang teacher and student were presented in addition to Jackie Chan's blessing, but also the host and the audience's request, the small Shenyang impromptu imitation of Jackie Chan sing their classic tracks, attracted to the scene applause. Jackie Chan the audience not contain himself, snatching the microphone shouted: "This song is not so sing!" Also tried to sing a few. Zhao Benshan said with a smile: "I thought to myself how little of Shenyang sing this song so cruelly, the original on the original singers sing so ugly!" Grand Comedy. The thought I could use the opportunity to ask a few on the Spring Festival Evening Zhao Benshan problem, but Old Zhao obviously knew what to say at the moment are not too desirable, so there does not appear in the background and access to area, but the stage next, after secretly left the scene. As a starring Jackie Chan, on the duty-bound to accept the reporter's interview.

Little man with big ideas

Reporter: "Private Game" is that you played a minor, with the former's role is very different ah?

Jackie Chan: Yes, this movie does, I played was an ordinary man. How to tell it, cowardly, afraid to die ... ... whether it is modeling, ah, ah are related to the previous role of dialogue is far too small, the character design and movement are also very different.

Reporter: But this little guy who has had a particularly strong on the faith in peace.

Jackie Chan: In this movie, a lot of places in the war, some people do not want to fight, but the emperor's idea is to unity it is absolutely necessary, it in fact a confrontation inside, I and my Lee Hom opposition, in the end is a war that we can enjoy a better life, or whether we can enjoy a better life do not fight it? I played this little guy does not fight what I feel will be able to go home, and that time will be able to enjoy a better life by.

The initial fee of only 3,000 yuan

Reporter: After some calculations, coupled with this "Private Game" is your first 99 movies starring, and you feel that these works you are satisfied? Are there lousy movies do?

Jackie Chan: Can making 100 films are good films but if want to be very, very difficult, I used a fee of 3,000 yuan, have enough to eat to eat the next day, do not know where to find food to eat, there was no choice, at that time to make a living is simply impossible to choose what went to shoot the film, to be called what you want to make what you shoot. In that case, there would be quality and not do the work, but at that time the film is because there are a variety of limitations, or it can be said that no money went to shoot.

Reporter: So it can be said not long ago Paipian Zi, and now you beat the purpose of these films have very different?

Jackie Chan: Indeed, before the Hollywood film crews are actually for the money, there for me to spend the fee of a high, so I will take pictures. But Hollywood will not give me the money Toupai "Shinjuku Incident", "Private Game" this side of literature and art films, but returned to China, I can do whatever they shoot, I want to make movies, that is what I focus on the domestic causes. In the film "In Search of Jackie Chan," When I was a dime confiscated, airline tickets by themselves, the. In fact, one is to help the kids.

Reporter: ask a question of more cliches do you think so many movies where it is considered a masterpiece you do?

Jackie Chan: In fact, when a small beginning to the martial arts from child star to guide, I probably took 48 years to more than 200 movies. There are 99 as a male lead. But today, in the end I do not know which department to be my representative, each one thought - for example, "Private Game", we still feel that inside a lot of defects, the next one will be better, there will always be under a . To the back, and then we draw a conclusion from the bar.

"Zodiac" after fierce fighting never make another film

Reporter: "Private Game", your next film was the first 100, and this very memorable film you have any plan?

Jackie Chan: who want to make, "Zodiac." Talking about the Chinese zodiac animals returned to China in the first story. As early as six years ago, I saw the first foreign animal in the auction, a great touch. At that time wanted to why our national treasures are always lost it in overseas? That when you want to start to do. Last year, there were two animals in the first auction, but also caused me to shoot, "Zodiac," the idea. Many large countries keep saying it is the world's heritage, nominally to take custody of this actually is an appropriation. Is very shameful! To make the film, they want to this phenomenon manifested.

Reporter: So you did before the movie ready?

Jackie Chan: Haha, actually a year when the auction in the Summer Palace, I have come up with over 30 million U.S. dollars, would like to quietly put an animal in the first film to come back. However, the final price is 100 million U.S. dollars shoot, too, and I can not afford to give up.

Reporter: "Zodiac" is still the action film?

Jackie Chan: Yes, because this is the first 100 Well, so the production is also very serious. In fact, I hesitated for a long time, many people also said that action movies are just too money-burning, and advised me not to shoot because there is a fight scene just to be able to cost 70 million. But in the end decided to do. This movie will be a lot of intense action shots, almost from scratch, hit the tail.

Reporter: Are you from a video film made since the movements are basically opera, I heard that you have broken every bone in it?

Jackie Chan: It's a bit exaggerated. However, from scalp to the soles of the feet, every inch of skin and are trained in injury is true. Fortunately, however, have to shoot a scene for nearly 50 years of martial arts only been to two hospitals, one is cracked skull, and going to sew; the other one was a broken leg play gypsum, the other injuries I seem to have nothing.

Reporter: This is 100, you will repeat the act do?

Jackie Chan: Action film will be shot, but like so fierce fighting, "Zodiac" should be the last one had.




























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