Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jackie, WildAId and Tigers

A collection of Chinese news reports from yesterday about Jackie's involvement/announcement regarding tiger products and support of WildAid. Amongst other announcements yesterday Jackie was appointed Honorary Director Of WildAid. Well done Jackie!
Beijing Times reported yesterday, February 6, Jackie Chan for the United States WildAid shooting commercials to protect the tiger's conference held in Beijing. Jackie Chan with a small blessing to the scene to help out the new 7 to personal experience of asking the public to protect endangered tigers.

Chan said excitedly: "No sale there would be no killing. Do not superstitious traders boasted of the medicinal value of tiger bone, I was a kid hurt to buy tiger bone wine, Cawan or pain. There are rhino horn, shark's efficacy, are lies, You can find a better alternative. These animals have never bullied us, human beings have to force them to go extinct. "

This year is the support of the U.S. WildAid Jackie Chan's first 8 years. In the Year of the Tiger to participate in the activities of the protection of wild tigers, Chan was happy: "when the film is really the tiger sitting next to me. It gently back to nod, it scared me out of the chair bounce if you dropped the whole person. But Tiger is still very lovely, I also touched it. "

Starring Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom in the film "Private Game" where, including to promote protection of animals of the screen. Jackie Chan said: "films have a turtle, bear, rabbits, as well as birds. I told Lihong hungry, I caught a rabbit, but put it, because it has a child, it is a pregnant rabbit. "Jackie Chan was the same day the United States appointed honorary director of WildAid. Jackie Chan, Steve pointed President of the Association, said: "I've always liked animals, the family also raised the cats and dogs." (This article Source: Beijing Times Author: Ya-ching)

WASHINGTON "People are afraid of tigers, in fact, the tiger is more afraid of us at gunpoint by poachers, the world's remaining wild tigers less than 4000 are being pushed towards extinction. Hope that we join hands to protect them and our evolved millions of years together on the beautiful creatures, do not let this Year of the Tiger to be the last one can see the real Tiger Year of the Tiger. "Yesterday afternoon, Jackie Chan, the rate of apprentice" New Seven Little Fortunes "in Beijing Rosewood Palace's" hustle and bustle, loving care the world - Jackie Chan join the United States WildAid tiger running public service ads on film the world "press conference together in the protection of endangered wild animals, tigers undersigned, sign, and words earnestly calls for more public on the need to protect wild animals support operations.

For this film, Jackie Chan said with deep feeling: "The expert told me that every day there are at least a wild tigers have been shot, set to kill, or kill, this is very shocking and heartbreaking. As long as there tiger products trade, the will lead to the occurrence of such poaching, so I especially hope that we can stop the demand for tiger products. often heard people say that you can warm tiger, the tiger could be anything physical ah, but I have never used and the Tiger-related these products, like my body is very strong Well, I think that we do not need to listen to these allegations. "premiere at the scene of advertising the film, saw him sitting on a tiger's side, once again solemnly chanting the phrase WildAid's slogan: "No sale, no kill."

United States WildAid WildAid, Mr. Steve live statement said that Jackie Chan is the first one to support WildAid's international superstars, who for the protection of wild animals, shooting a series of public service ads, this time in the Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger is approaching, he again gladly accepted the invitation to WildAid, the conservation of wild tigers shot free of charge the latest commercials. It is understood that before, Michelle Yeoh, Tony Leung, Liu Huan, Yao Ming, Li Ning, Kong Linghui, and many other sports stars have to WildAid endorsement.


WildAid put the tiger to protect public service ads on the world's" press conference and together apprentice "New Seven Little Fortunes", in Beijing, co-sponsored by the protection of endangered wild tigers initiatives. Jackie Chan is the first one to support the U.S. WildAid an international superstar, in the Year of the Tiger around the corner, Jackie Chan re-accept the invitation of WildAid, unpaid endorsement to protect the tiger's public service ads, calling everyone together to protect endangered wild animals, tigers.



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