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Little Big Soldier Just Keeps Doing Better


"Little Big Soldier" at the box office-breaking 100 million

Jackie Chan, the audience recognition of income recognized in transition

Morning News (Reporter Lian Jie), according to China's film distribution news, Jackie Chan, Lee Hom starring film "Little Big Soldier" who started from the first month after release, the box office has been steadily rising, as of yesterday, they had a breakthrough billion mark, becoming the first mainland box office over the Ministry of 100 million of "Jackie Chan movie." On the other hand, with the Lunar New Year stalls Amongst these lousy movies than "Little Big Soldier" also made a good reputation, and even considered to be "one of the most successful transformation of Jackie Chan." Ding Sheng said the film director Jackie Chan for the film at the box office is very pleased with planned celebration party was held early in March.

Box-office star effect Guoyi

"Little Big Soldier" ranked number one on the first day of release fetched 15.06 million in just 6 days time on the week at the box office topped the table top, doing well. Yesterday, the film distribution company for Valley Square China National Report, "Private Game" released 12 days and has been breaking box-office billion mark, as the Spring Festival Chinese-made films in the file title. Gu Guoqing said that the film is able to gain market recognition, in addition to Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom Lao Shaopei this star effect, but also because the film is copied from the movie Jackie Chan has always been humor, and full of humane care.

In fact, place names, including Jackie Chan, although the first loud, but he starred in the film - in particular, a strong personal touch "Jackie Chan movie" at the box office did not consequent correspondingly. Prior to "The Myth", "Rob-B-Hood" are in the brink of million threshold. "The Forbidden Kingdom" surprisingly easy to approaching 200 million, but after all, Jackie Chan and Jet Li co-operation, plus the Hollywood production, not really real "Jackie Chan movie." By contrast, "Little Big Soldier" starring Jackie Chan is not only, but also as investors, is a typical "Jackie Chan movie."

Successful transition was good

And the Lunar New Year stalls compared to a number of speculative film making money, "Little Big Soldier" Although there are many shortcomings, but it could be considered as one of faith. Movie playing in only at the box office rosy reputation is also relatively good. "Little Big Soldier", Chan changed the role of past heroes, who was playing a cowardly deserter and a bad martial arts, accidental capture of Lee Hom plays the generals.

Reporter found that many viewers have seen Jackie Chan in the film changes, and expressed support for such a change. Students Li Chen said: "Jackie Chan's older brother played a soldier in this very witty funny, made me laugh had been the more moving. He did not know great truths, do not want to fight. Even if the strange combination of circumstances captured by the enemy generals, but also just want to have his Quhuan a few acres of land, good farm home. In fact, most of our people is one such idea, so I think this soldier's role is very cordial. "Of course, there are viewers dissatisfied with the performance of Jackie Chan, Ren evaluation of Mr. said, "Little Big Soldier" to fight Jackie Chan's previous film was not as exciting, and obviously feeling old Jackie Chan, playing no more.



晨报讯(记者 杨莲洁)据华夏电影发行公司消息,成龙、王力宏主演的电影《大兵小将》自正月初一上映后,票房一路走高,截至昨天已经突破亿元大关,成为首部在内地票房过亿的“成龙电影”。另一方面,与贺岁档的芸芸烂片相比,《大兵小将》也取得了不错口碑,甚至被认为是“成龙最成功的一次转型”。该片导演丁晟透露,成龙对该片票房十分欣慰,计划在3月初举行庆功宴。

  票房过亿 明星效应



  成功转型 口碑不错



"Little Big Soldier" at the box office Guoyi Jackie Chan in March celebration will be held in Beijing

Investment by the Jackie Chan films starring with Lee Hom "Little Big Soldier" from the February 14 New Year's Day has been released as of today (February 25) at the box office has exceeded 1 billion mark. Video issuers China Film Company and Jackie Chan's team is very excited to learn this news, Jackie Chan, head of the team also revealed that Jackie Chan will be around March 5 celebration will be held in Beijing.

Press Conference Beijing

Executive Chairman - Huaxia Film Company

Representative for Jackie - GAO Wen-ning

Director Ding Sheng

Netease Entertainment February 25 reports from investing in and with Jackie Chan - Lee Hom starring film "Little Big Soldier" from the February 14 New Year's Day has been released as of today (February 25 ) at the box office has exceeded 1 billion mark. Video issuers China Film Company and Jackie Chan's team is very excited to learn this news, Jackie Chan, head of the team also revealed that Jackie Chan will be around March 5 celebration will be held in Beijing.

The leading box office-breaking 100 million early in March the Lunar New Year stalls Chan celebration will be held in Beijing

"Little Big Soldier" is a Jackie Chan brewing for 20 years of effort from the film, Jackie Chan over the past few heroes on the screen image of the soldiers played a afraid of death, and with Lee Hom plays a teenager created a large number of joke.

According to film distributor Huaxia Film Company Executive Chairman Fang Gu Guoqing, a huge market appeal because of Jackie Chan, as well as theaters, cinemas in the row on-chip support, "Little Big Soldier" released at the lunar New Year's fetched 15.06 million yuan on the same day in just 6 days on the highest profile domestic movie box office of the Chinese New Year the first to reach 8000 million yuan. As of today, around 2:30 p.m. at the box office has exceeded 1 billion yuan mark, becoming the Spring Festival, 14 films released files in the box office of the crown. Once at the box office results so gratifying to make Jackie Chan and directed by Sheng Ding can not believe a bit worried that there will be water at the box office. However, according to Gu Guoqing, chairman, said that China's box-office figure was spent 200,000 yuan specially developed and patent-pending software statistics of the results, there is no fake. China's manager, Jian Wei said that although the "Sherlock Holmes," released in the Mainland, starting from today, but "Little Big Soldier" exclusive film screenings little impact, so the box office in the future will be a new high.

Entering the film has successfully promoted "billion club" director Ding Sheng modestly says, "Little Big Soldier" to achieve such good results is not the credit for himself, "I was lucky on the Dragon Boat." The person in charge of the team Jackie Chan Wen Gao Ning was revealed that Jackie Chan will be in early March (March 5 or so) celebration will be held in Beijing to thank the media and spectators for their support.


《大兵小将》票房过亿 成龙3月在京举办庆功会






网易娱乐2月25日报道(文/宇文翮 图/春哥) 由成龙投资并同王力宏主演的电影《大兵小将》自2月14日大年初一上映以来,截至今日(2月25日)票房已经突破1亿元大关。影片发行方华夏电影公司和成龙的团队得知此消息后十分兴奋,成龙团队的负责人还透露,成龙将会在3月5日左右在北京举办庆功会。

票房破亿领军贺岁档 成龙3月初在京举办庆功会



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