Monday, February 1, 2010

Professor of Communication University of China: "The Myth" bold artistic innovation

SFS Emperor Qing Li Kui system Guoneishoubu through Teleplays "myth" to carry momentum Thunder landing Heilongjiang, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Henan, 4 Star, began to broadcast on the satellite. Prior to "myth" as the CCTV-opening drama has achieved high ratings with the response, close to the Lunar New Year, four TV will launch a "myth" of the hot network, in order to have the students leave family, presented through the drama of the gift. Recently, Professor of Communication University of China well-known critic, Zeng Qingrui written project review articles, comments "myth" made a bold attempt to artistic innovation, the activation of different television viewers to meet the different aesthetic passion and fun.

In addition, the Shadow King also announced a "myth 2" project started collecting scripts creative, "myth" brand will continue to distribute charm

Professor of Communication University of China Zeng Qingrui:

Creation and distribution of "myths" such a drama, all the writers, artists and television culture industry workers in an attempt to use a different kind of realism and romanticism, but belongs to the absurdist modernism modernist the aesthetic spirit, aesthetic principles and the creative method. With the absurd narrative strategies and narrative pattern to continue to practice a new variety TV series exploring the art of innovation, to construct a Chinese TV drama audiences in mind the myth of art.

I would like to explore the "myth" that try to construct the pros and cons. There were many comments on the Internet, to study the repeated statements of why the "myth" since the launch of "fame", talk about a lot of reasons, the favorable factors, but also talk with Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong symbols. I saw the introduction of the story as the text is also said to be "the first ancient history and modern history intertwined in parallel with each other through the evolution of the theme of drama." At the same propaganda and the term is a play which the audience can either enjoy the soul-stirring, magnificent ancient armored cavalry epic, but also can experience the national treasures like the mystery, mystery looms solution.

Regardless of the ancient and historical, modern and two at the turn of the millennium of the Qin and Han Dynasties how butt, no matter how much personal appearances matter, or we perform a number of historical events and human legend, I think the "myth" or a love of theater nuclear. The modern part is easy to Ogawa and high the love story of Lan, the Qin Dynasty is easy to Ogawa and Yu-Shu Meng Yi, as well as, the emotional entanglement between Xiaoyue. Only these two ancient and modern love story is one we have built up a special platform to start deduction. So I think that all of the historical story, the interpretation of historical events, historical figures and modern all kinds of plot appearance design, are intended to build such a love of the platform, so set the background, or that we placed the main scene of this drama .

Originally a man and several women's stories, in our television work which is repeated three to be interpreted, and why the "myth" of the past and present five women and one man's story makes so many viewers concerned about this? I think the media's analysis and interpretation has some truth, but not all of the reasons, but also the emergence of Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong is not the main reason. Culturally speaking, I Shanxi, "television series," This year the first phase of the sentence begins, after revision, "TV" magazine in the sixth page of talking love is the most beautiful mythology, there is a saying that the lack of love is never easy to close Ogawa His woman, basically every play there has aroused a woman of easy Ogawa and historical bridge. Strange to say, in the modern romantic suave can be justifiably Ogawa to polygamy is no longer being romantic era of suave. Why "TV" magazine that the phrase derives from it, as five women, including the practice of love as Concubine Yu publicity practice? It captures a female viewer psychology.

Why is "myth" so that everyone can be interested, I feel good-looking? Probably because in front of the "myth" in that the frame of this movie may also have "Step into the Past" in there, the story is actually a male-centered tradition of Jia Baoyu, Lin Tai-yu, Xue Bao-chai brother, sister, a variant of the story. Although the outcome of this story is difficult for lovers to become dependents of the tragedy of the story, but the story in the evolution of male-centered cultural elements and other elements of the combination of humanities, making it a different interpretation. What do the different cultural elements? The Way We like handsome guy, and strengthen the audience for some specific groups of the attractiveness ratings. In particular, the ordinary is easy to Ogawa Meng Yi Cao Min, or the ordinary, namely, was able to conquer the three great national leaders-level contemporary hero, emperor, Liu Bang, Xiang Yu's other half. Emperor of Chong Fei, Liu Bang, the so-called hardships couples Lv Zhi, Xiang Yu Aiqie Concubine Yu and later being able to have such an elegant feeling anything to do this kind of cultural elements of a priori doomed it is able to attract a specific audience groups eye. There are modern archaeological Raiders of the story of Qin social, military, political and cultural life in Taipei, including the right of the court the money within the struggle of human nature are very useful for a variety show created the story so fascinating kind of art charm, unlike in a very mediocre television we see a woman, several men, a woman or a man of several interpretations. This is the creator and director is very intelligent, ultra-high places.

Unconscious or in some men, hiding in the inner world, the deep with polygamous eccentric fantasy, the young female audience for male chauvinists will be a dream of winning the ratings. This will be driven to watch the psychological in nature and very often look at TV viewing time to protect people to participate in the creation of the TV drama "myth" myth of the audience. Play the main character and the fate of attractive non-attractive, good-looking or ugly story, The story clearly is not clear, fluid is not smooth, lively and not vivid, and moving is not moving, including the screen shape can delight, a word there No art is also still very important factor.

First, this drama is regarded by many fashion and more fashion elements to folder inclusive rub together.

Second, the use of television in China is extremely rare non-realistic narrative art of the Absurd.

In particular, the latter I think it did a bold artistic innovation attempt.

We should say that whether you like it or not TV in the figure, like it or not something else, good-looking is a fact. Exaggeration to say that, even if you know it Manzhi ridiculous statement, you also are interested in reading through the policy, and why? I think that the narrative on the key creative director and a very easy way out are very clever strategy. Broadcast in the existing ecological environment adapted to the different TV shows simultaneously, or different audience expectations and needs of the aesthetic, the activation of different television audiences met a different aesthetic passion and fun, but also in many taboos and constraints of broadcast found between the artistic elements and commercial elements quite cleverly combined the ability to avoid the risk of survival and development.



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