Monday, February 1, 2010

Dragon TV Spring Festival Evening Show

From this and other reports it sounds like Jackie and Zhou Libo are really funny together. I am sure whatever they do will be very funny to watch.

There are lots of photos on the link which you can then click to view large so I won't copy them all here.

LOS ANGELES SMG large-scale activities by the Department of the East to join hands together to build TV's "Happy Chinese New Year Stars 2010 World Expo-year get-together" has officially started recording, January 31 to start the afternoon held a press conference in Shanghai. Dr. Tien, director of the Oriental TV, SMG Director of evening events, general director Wang Lei attended the press conference. Jackie Chan, Zhou Libo, Nick Cheung, China Kosuke, Michael Learns to Rock, nurseries, Chen, Aihua, "Private Game" cast and other Stars debut. Jackie Chan and Zhou Libo will work together to perform kung fu comedy.

Dragon TV audience, as prepared for the 17 days of an important part of Chinese New Year feast, the program will be Year of the Tiger Year's Day (February 14) night, 19:30 Eastern TV prime-time broadcast.

The first day of recording "Happy Chinese New Year Stars 2010 World Expo-year get-together," ushered in the enthusiastic participation of all stars. Jackie Chan Zhou Libo-site press conference of "bicker on fire," Lu Chen Kelly Chen's "performance playing with fire", Nick Cheung nursery songs of "soul to excesses", are to win the audience's "hot" applause.

Jackie Chan will be the beginning of the scene grab the microphone Brother Lu Zhou Libo tension

"2010 Stars Chinese New Year Get-Together" press conference scene, Jackie Chan and Zhou Libo become the focus of the scene in order to usher in flash effects of spike rate. Zhou Libo frankly said that he mother was a fan of Jackie Chan, childhood is a big brother watching Jackie Chan movies growing up. Although for the first time to see Jackie Chan's eldest brother, Zhou Libo somewhat restrained, but a microphone, he began to get eloquent, witty remarks. A few rounds down, Jackie Chan's brother finally "shenanigans" and grabbed the microphone said, "It seems I have to modify the script, and tomorrow we can not let the essay where Zhou Libo saying a word." Laugh at the words of one, causing an invigorating the scene the crowd laugh. According to the director group revealed that, although the release date was the first time to meet Jackie Chan and Zhou Libo, Jackie Chan and Zhou Libo has a good understanding, I believe that the kung fu comedy and so they joined hands to give the audience a whole new style full of seaside " comic effect. "

Kelly Chen Liu Qian playground playing with fire and create a romantic scene

Fun Magic cards, lit carousel, manufacturing sky snow, "2010 Stars Chinese New Year Get-Together," recorded the scene, a magician Liu Qian so that all the spectators on the right under the nose "will be magic to play to the limit." Kelly's fall from the sky in the field set off no small climax. "Was changed out was just fantastic!" Opposite Kelly Chen Lu Chen says. When a reporter interviewed Liu Qian of the magic of creativity, he said that "2009 CCTV Spring Festival Evening is selected close-ups of his magic and his magic has a large very mature. With Kelly participating in the" 2010 Chinese New Year get-together Stars "The recording is also very proud." consider themselves to sing You can only make 68 points, Liu Qian, in order to support the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, deliberately sacrificed their own "Spring Festival Evening virgin sing", with Kelly singing a "create a romantic", warm soft voice quite surprising. In the fairy-tale playground in the two had affectionately duet, the picture is also a romantic and moving, it is worth looking forward to.

Nick Cheung Nursery "soul to fire," Valentine's Day "Hu Su Decade of Love"

The double winner Nick Cheung hand in temperament mainland actress Nursery appearances together "Happy Chinese New Year Stars 2010 World Expo-year get-together," a once-in the sixty Chinese New Year combined with the Valentine's Day night, passionate duet love song interpretation , blessing the whole world can get married lover.

Party recording the scene, both of whom starred in a white dress, just like in the "2010 Stars Chinese New Year Get-Together" held a grand celebration Piaoman Hua Banyu. Nick Cheung thanked "Oriental Spring Festival Evening Show," to give them a perfect ending - "Before I worked two and nursery opera, it is a coincidence that both played husband and wife, but the ending is too tragic. This is very happy in 'the East Spring Festival Evening Show ', we finally have a good ending. "performed live, both with considerable understanding, no words can then play, but for" husband "Nick Cheung was a" lame "in Mandarin, Nursery admits," I have been accustomed to, and now acted as his translation of it. "It seems that the" couple "of the soul to will also become a major highlight of evening.

Please pay attention to the East TV February 14 (New Year's Day) night 19:30 broadcast of "Happy Chinese New Year Stars 2010 World Expo-year get-together."



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