Monday, February 1, 2010

Date with Lu Yu

Lu Yu has a blog in which she and/or staff write fairly extensively about guests on the show. Here is the entry for Jackie. (UNTRANSLATED).

May no longer than he was hit in the action film in the history of a miracle, even including his own; because of the success of the film industry, he has a unique life; he was at any time, the focus of the public to this day he still has led the worldwide box-office appeal of action films; do not know him, that he was only in the legendary action star; into his world, in order to read his incomparably wonderful secret. After a lapse of seven years for re-Lu Yu Chan interview about his changes and secrets, described as a "big brother" to create a legend.

In early 2003, I had an interview in Hong Kong, Jackie Chan, that I have with the film crew went to the Jackie Chan in Hong Kong, the third house - the only one not being exposed to the local press. The interview lasted more than six hours, from the night's 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock the next day, "Big Brother" is not talking about the fatigue. Today, seven years of time has passed, whether it is Jackie Chan himself, or Luyu programs have undergone a lot of change: the time, "Date with Lu Yu" program form of the hosts and guests to the one on one interviews, Unlike it is, we not only have a very nice studio scene, and each program there is to do 300 enthusiastic spectators who came to the scene. "Big Brother" and change even more, he played in the movies less, and started falling in love. Even he is no longer a mere movie star of. As a "big brother" and Jackie Chan, who shouldered more of a responsibility of the State's responsibility, social responsibility, for the performing arts sector responsibilities, family responsibilities.

Recalling the scene in a program for young and frivolous, himself, Jackie Chan, a little bitterly painful, "in Shijiuershi years old, suddenly became a multimillionaire at night, when the thing is done every day to buy luxury goods, I once bought seven of the world famous diamond table, because only seven days a week, every day I wear a different brands of watches, please eat before the tragedies at the turn of Takeyuki, showing off to them. Now look back, I am very hated the way she looks then. "Chan said that he participated in the public interest after they found out that there are so many people, unfortunately. After doing a public service, his whole person will be very comfortable buying luxury goods is more than comfortable to sleep all day, sleep like a baby. Jackie Chan says he is now doing is to return and gratitude, and strive to earn more money to donate more money.

Jaycee Chan gives up his U.S. citizenship, joined the Chinese nationality, for the matter, son of Jackie Chan's done a good job that I am very proud of him. "Chinese nationality is his own decisions, not me, but I may be affected by the impact. He asked me can do so, I said good, because we are not a U.S. citizen in order to get to go to the United States, was in order to avoid the paparazzi Team. "because in the time of his son did not have time to look after him and Jackie Chan always feel a little unfair to his son. But he said he was the only right thing to do is to make sure to say Jaycee Chan Mandarin, "Now he says a good Mandarin, which I do's"!

We call him Big Brother, is because no matter where Big Brother is always a kind of style and play, like the guide and support young people, married to his classes, but also won its strict respect of all, he likes to help others, to charities back and forth, like the the record straight ... ... it out "Big Brother" is out of respect, trust, moved. Jackie Chan's influence and charm, has exceeded the film world.

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If you would like to see the whole show - you can see it HERE


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