Monday, May 17, 2010

Jackie Re-records 'Blue Sky' and other news

Jackie records a new version of 'Blue Sky' in Guangzhou today, puts forward Lin Peng for the Asian Games Opening ceremony and announces that he is off to the US of A - probably to promote Karate Kid although the article doesn't say that.

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Jackie Chan feels as busy song Guangzhou Asian Games record, "not people"

NetEase reported May 18 the Asian Games in carrying the "Dragon Lady" Lin Pengliang with Cannes, as the ambassador to visit the Expo, the Jackie Chan on May 17 the Asian Games for the public record the song "Blue Sky" visit Guangzhou. The plane and went straight to the studio, a little tired of big brother to the media quipped: We only slept in the coffin to rest.

Asian Games songs to promote peace concept

Expo Countdown singing the song "City"; participate in singing the Chinese peacekeeping force addressed the "take you home." Jackie Chan piece of public song "sign" often become the standard large-scale events. The "Blue Sky" with the public before the song is very different songs, Chan stressed that the "blue sky" the main emphasis is peace. "Peace is the fundamental public good, peace can be discussed with the development of environmental protection. Or say no other use."

Sun Nan cooperation with the aspirations of a compensation

Turning to the close ranks and Sun Nan sang the "Blue Sky", Jackie Chan conceal his excitement cooperation with Sun Nan, "can be enough to cooperate with Sun Nan, I am very happy. Has always been my wish." Sun Nan brother laughed and said not with the recording, fear of being influenced by him. "This is the Sun Nan sang the first version of DEMO to me, I still yield to lower the tone."

Busy for the public good for the cause, "not people"

On his shoulder all the responsibility, Chan also some frustration. "5 days to fly 2 times Yushu, 2 Yunnan. Now here, tomorrow back to Hong Kong to Shanghai from the United States. Advocacy, disaster relief, and bottled water Shanghai chat script, perform the Expo, but also recorded songs. My kind of busy law, no one will believe. I have had not one. " Turning to the next in the film on the program, older brother that he would concentrate his 100th film, "Zodiac." And had participated in the Olympic opening ceremony's "Dragon Lady" Lin Peng is also a chance to participate the Asian Games opening ceremony. Chan believes that Lin Peng is not new, the opening ceremony of the Asian Games should give the newcomers a chance.

成龙广州录制亚运歌曲 自嘲忙到“不像人”

网易亚运5月18日报道 在携“龙女郎”林鹏亮相戛纳、作为形象大使探访世博之后,成龙5月17日为录制亚运公益歌曲《蓝天》造访广州。一下飞机就直奔录音棚,略显疲态的大哥面对媒体打趣说:自己只有睡在棺材里才能休息。






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