Monday, May 10, 2010

Jackie Donates More Water

GUIYANG, May 10 (Xinhua Fast Break) famous Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan in "Join us, help others, do one kilometer charity" public welfare activities on behalf of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, on the 10th Beijing Tongren, Guizhou Province to India BA Xiang River County, donated one million yuan for the reconstruction of this small agricultural village water works.

Indian River County Town.Zigui party secretary, said Zhang Li, China Town.Zigui 100 in Guizhou Province is one of a class of rural poverty, economic stagnation, low income farmers. The Township's official Village does not have a water point, project a serious water shortage, drinking water problems. Villagers through the roof integrated rain, pool water may alleviate the year, 4 months of living water, drinking water to the rest of the villagers to 3 km away from the valley pick out, agricultural production depends entirely on expectations of Tianshui.

Village officials to solve the difficult problems of drinking water, only 9.6 km from the village from the point of implementation of the water Yangjiaping water project construction, irrigation projects depend on network solution. According to plans, the project is completed, can be solved by official Village as the center of the nine villages of more than 9,000 drinking water problem.

It is understood that the public welfare activities, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in accordance with the Town.Zigui nearly 1 million "roof water," the standard 100 yuan per head of population, which helped build the "last mile" of small-scale agricultural water projects. Indian River County, the Foundation also more serious the drought-affected areas of mineral water 20 000 donation to complete primary school in Town.Zigui official Ka donated school supplies.

新华网贵阳5月10日电(记者 杨洪涛)香港著名影星成龙先生在“加入我们,帮助他人,做一公里慈善”公益活动中,代表北京成龙慈善基金会10日向贵州省铜仁地区印江县中坝乡捐赠人民币100万元,用于援建这个乡的小型农业饮水工程。





Jinqianzaixian hearing on May 10, movie star, philanthropist Jackie Chan came to the Indian River County Fanjingshan Xilu to carry out the theme of "Join us to help them do a kilometer charity" public welfare activities, contribute 1 million to the local element for small-scale agricultural water diversion project, water to 20,000 villages to the water tank.

Sent over the water to the villagers, Chan went to the official Village Primary School, a class of children who are being sent to bags and other study materials, and choral and students, "state" to encourage them to study well, grow up to serve the motherland .

金黔在线讯 5月10日,电影巨星、慈善家成龙来到梵净山西麓的印江自治县,开展主题为“加入我们、帮助他们,做一公里慈善”公益活动,向当地捐款100万元用于小型农业引水工程,并向缺水村寨送水2万箱。





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