Monday, June 30, 2014

BTS on Dragon Blade and other news

Some behind-the-scenes photos of Dragon Blade.

An 'ariel' view of the set

another view of the set

it takes a lot of effort to move all the equipment across the sand

there is only one place for all the trash and don't forget to squish your water bottle!

more equipment and trying to keep the dust and sun out

making an artificial dust storm

an ice chest full of frozen treats for hot cast and crew provided by Jackie

it's a long bus ride every day

the 'dining room'

Thanks to @JohnCusack for letting us know that Jackie is a "completely awesome human -huge heart full of mischief and the hardest worker I've ever met -!" And that he has two fight scenes with Jackie.

Thanks to @CenturyMartialArts for the information that Benny "The Jet" Urquidez is the stunt choreographer for Dragon Blade. In case you were wondering how John Cusack managed the fight scenes with Jackie - he is a black belt, having studied under Benny for many years.


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