Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cheque Presentation for "Love Without Borders" Concert

Yesterday Jackie attended the cheque presentation ceremony for the "Love without Borders" Concert. The amount of HK$26 080 000 was handed to representatives of the Salvation Army to purchase food relief packages. Already 3 500 packages have arrived in Tokyo and been redistributed in Miyagi Prefecture giving people a total of over 8 000 hot meals. Jackie expressed a wish to visit Japan but said that he was unable to at the moment.

Yesterday (May 3) Directors Guild of Hong Kong special briefings, and a 26.08 million check to the Salvation Army representative.
Jackie Chan, John Sham, Mr.Barry Wong, Andrew Lau, co-ordinate activities, community relations director for the Salvation Army and The Salvation Army commander Fusan Chuan Guo-Qing Wang, etc., attended the briefing, the present value of follow-up report on the situation.

昨日(5月3日)香港导演协会特别举行简报会,并将一张2608万支票交予救世军代表。成龙、岑建勋、Mr.Barry Wong、活动统筹刘伟强、救世军小区关系总监王国清及救世军总指挥傅三川等,出席简报会,就目前跟进的情况作出汇报值出。

SOURCE: ENT.153.COM This link is also a slideshow of the presentation.


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