Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bentley Visionaries - Jackie Chan

Jackie shares his thoughts on charity.


Anonymous said...

Jackie is so good , so happy , thanks for by posting news about jackie

Anonymous said...

I loved this video. I hope he can do more schools (why stop at 26? what an acheivment). I guess the auction in November is what paid the way for the charity work in Hebei eariler this month.
My chuckle was the "women, too much trouble" part. Just the way he said it.
I've been curious for a while..maybe you know - do the parents have to pay for the schooling in China?

Anonymous said...

Yes parents pay for schooling in China. What is significantly different however is that the schools provide absolutely everything - books, backpack, uniforms, meals. Dragon's Heart manufacture their own books, backpacks and uniforms for their schools and you can regularly see Jackie handing out uniforms and backpacks filled with supplies.

Anonymous said...

One day, the real figures will become known about how many factories or employees he has directly or indirectly supported. It's really a facinating aspect of his popularity. It just keeps expanding. In your one sentence, 2 or 3 factories alone?

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