Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jackie In Animated Environmental Film

An animated short film on climate change will be shown at COP 17 on 4 Dec '11. It is directed by Zhou Yi, supervised by Teddy Chen and with Tan Dun as the artistic director. Jackie plays an 'angel of salvation' who delivers an important message to the people of earth.

Jackie recording his part in the animation.

More about Zhou Yi:

Yi Zhou is a young Chinese artist, who has lived in Rome from the age of ten and studied between London and Paris with a degree in Political Science and Economics.

She creates large multimedia installation artworks that blend film, digital animation, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, and contemporary music composition. Her works explore the realm of hyper-realism and neo-realism: on one hand, she derives visual and tangible forms from the imagination and dreams, while on the other hand, she gives a surreal aspect to nature itself.

Her work is a complex synthesis of imagination, literature, mythology, philosophy and new technology and is impregnated with Chinese and Mediterranean culture. Her works introduce the disturbing magic of both virtual and supernatural characters and landscapes as well as the ephemeral reality of life, love, and death while using the symbolic language of the unconscious.

Blending ancient expressive methods, such as sculpture in marble and 35mm film, with extremely technologically advanced ones, such as 3D animation, Yi Zhou presents a vision of life, transcending both time and space, inflected with irony and wit.



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