Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Official Letter From JC Group To All Fans

Posted on Weibo, this letter is applicable to all fans so please take note. The issue is so serious that the Chinese fan forum has received an order banning them from forwarding stills and behind the scenes shots of Railroad Tiger. Please do not do it!

Everyone understands the excitement around a new movie and the eagerness to see what Jackie is doing, however forwarding pictures of the production affects the safety and security of the production (which includes everyone involved in it), this makes it more difficult to protect the stars and the movie production. Forwarding pictures that reveal details of the costumes, plot, characters, and sets infringe copyright and make the management of the production more difficult and contribute to a lower quality movie.

We hope that fans understand this and that they can be a positive force that helps facilitate production and actively cooperate with protecting the work of their favorite stars because of their love for the stars and the movie industry.

The recent participation in particular to a few fans of Big Brother, currently filming of the movie and the general love for movies, a love of Jackie Chan of the big brother of fans, special tips hope fans can understand movies safeties process of complexity and difficulty in protecting their own favorite stars, your favorite movies mentality, the protection of the movie production process.

In film production process, including dissemination of the production team team content is a consideration, and to the non-disclosure of the plot, characters, styling, programs such as the capture the contents of the need for confidentiality as the prerequisite, and fans may be due to the lack of understanding and unwittingly released the filming content available for the analysis of pictures, or be exposed locations for film producers, management more difficult, and these are likely to reduce the level of indirect film.

So fans also hope that Members can be in front of the fans and positive force facilitating film production and, participation in the work of the concert for fans actively cooperate with the performance of their idols and their love for the film industry.






Dagmar Crmanova said...

Thanks for the announcement. Still just thanks to Superchanblog the fans out of China know this!

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