Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UPDATED: Jackie (Doesn't) Sign Classic Pianist Xue Xiaoqiu

Just to prove that even when an article doesn't seem to be exaggerated or untrue - sometimes it is. A few days ago I read the report below however it was the result of a few comments that were misinterpreted during an interview. Jackie has NOT signed Xue Xiaoqiu - however having said that - when Xiaoqiu corrected the error made by the reporter he said that while he is signed with Universal Music, he didn't want to close the door on the opportunity to work with Jackie should it be possible as a result of a slip of the pen.

In an interview before the course, there have been so ridiculous that he's "amusing incident," Asked whether the senior is willing to cooperate with other types, he said he appreciated Jackie, but he had not seen , the reporter mistakenly think he is now the company signed Jackie Chan, Xue Xiaoqiu said he is Universal Music's artists, but in case there is a chance, I am looking forward to cooperation and Jackie, the reporter's slip of the pen so that he quite helpless.




Jackie has signed classic pianist Xue Xiaoqiu to his record label. A representative for Jackie said that they had signed him because of his potential to combine classic piano with pop music and hoped that that as a young artist Xiaoqiu would show young people that classical music is still relevant.

Xue Xiaoqiu was born in Nanjing and studied at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music and his music is popular in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is currently promoting his album 'The Magic Finger'.

Born in Nanjing, studied at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, piano, popular in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan regions wit Xue Xiaoqiu, yesterday came to Chengdu for his album "Magic Finger" to do publicity. Chengdu Commercial Daily in an interview, Xuexiao Qiu said China has signed with Jackie Chan as Jackie Chan's first signing of a classical musician, and Jaycee Chan, who became fellow with the door.

"We signed Xue Xiaoqiu, eyes on him endless potential, to classical music and pop will be the perfect combination of elements." Jackie Chan with China's relevant responsible person said that the signing of a young pianist's mind, she hopes the work will Xue Xiaoqiu people know that "classical music would do the play."





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