Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jackie to Receive Award at Asia Pacific Film Festival

Jackie will be awarded the prestigious 'Outstanding Achievement in Film' Award from the 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival currently underway in Taiwan.

Netease Entertainment Dec. 4 News (text / Taiwan reported group Cai Shiwei report) of the 54th Asia Pacific Film Festival's prestigious awards, "Outstanding Film Award" was awarded to Asian film industry's Big Brother Jackie Chan, he will personally go to Taiwan to accept this award.

Jackie Chan from six years old, that is, in total dollars in the "Chinese drama school," Peking Opera to learn to become one of the Seven Little Fortunes, stage name of Yuen Building, 1971 he officially to the film industry to make a living, mainly as a walk-on role in the Shaw Brothers. Soon Lee sudden death, martial arts film at the box office hit and severely cut, martial arts and more were dismissed, Jackie Chan has once unemployed, casual workers rely on to do for a living.

1978, in the "Snake" Jackie Chan as the main character, began in Yingquan grew out Tau Kok, 1980 Jackie Chan joined Golden Harvest Films, filming of the "Dragon Master", "A Plan" has become the treasure of Golden Harvest, in particular " A plan "is the cumulative box office in Taiwan the highest number of votes, so far no one can surpass. 1994 film "Rumble in the Bronx," when released in the United States hit a record high hit, and then took the first Hollywood movie "Rush Hour", it also received very high at the box office, boarded the "Time" magazine, eventually laying the foundation international status. "Jackie Chan" has become following the "Bruce Lee" after the eyes of a new generation of American youth who dream of Asian martial arts star. After the active participation of Jackie Chan, famous charity, set up a "Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" to help disaster relief, poor families, children, visually impaired, and the United Nations Children's Fund Goodwill Ambassador and the fight against AIDS.

Jackie Chan in the film industry not only shine, more thorough implementation of the "taken from society, with the society," the concept of the film with the community to do a lot of effort, which is the Asia Pacific Film Festival awarded him the main reason for this prestigious award, He also received awards in Taiwan today.

网易娱乐12月4日讯(文/ 台湾报道组蔡世伟报道) 第54届亚太影展的重要大奖“杰出电影成就奖”颁给亚洲电影界的大哥大成龙,他也将亲自前往台湾接受这个奖项。

成龙自六岁起,即于于占元的“中国戏剧学校”学习京剧,成为七小福之一,艺名元楼, 1971年他正式到电影圈谋生,主要在邵氏担任跑龙套的角色。不久李小龙突然逝世,武打片票房受到严重打击而减产,武师多被解雇,成龙亦一度失业,只靠做散工为生。

1978年在《蛇形刁手》成龙出任主角后,就开始于影圈渐露头角, 1980年成龙加入嘉禾电影公司,拍摄了《龙少爷》、《A计划》成为嘉禾之宝,尤其《A计划》更是台湾电影票房累积票数之冠,至今无人能超越。1994年拍摄的《红番区》,在美国上映时创下高卖座纪录,进而接下第一部好莱坞电影《尖峰时刻》,亦获得极高的票房,登上《时代》杂志,终而奠定今日在国际的地位。“Jackie Chan”也成了继“Bruce Lee”之后,美国青少年们心目中新一代的亚洲武打梦幻巨星。成名后成龙积极参与公益活动,成立“成龙慈善基金会”帮助救灾、贫困家庭、视障儿童等,并成为联合国儿童基金以及防治艾滋病亲善大使。




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