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New Shaolin Press Conference - VIdeo - UPDATED

At the press conference yesterday some more details about Jackie's part in New Shaolin came to light. In a report I have not posted Jackie revealed that he originally had the lead role in the movie but due to other commitments had to turn it down. The part was then re-written into a cameo. Jackie explained that the character he plays is very down-to-earth, illiterate, uneducated and does not know Kungfu but everything he does is very 'zen'. From this simplicity the character played by Andy Lau is able to learn to let go.

Benny Chan boasted that this is not 'Drunken Master' Jackie but a newly invented style 'cooking power'. Jackie immediately said that this is not invented by him but that everything in life was martial arts. He continued to say that working with dough was hard work and that if you do that for ten years, paying attention to strength and technique, if anyone hit you they would just bounce off.

The dialect Jackie's character speaks in is a Henan dialect. It was Benny Chan's idea to have him speak in dialect to make the character funnier but Jackie disagreed saying that it was difficult to concentrate on cooking, on the emotions of the scene, saying the lines and speaking in dialect and thought that the dialect would just be a distraction to the scene.

There was a small snippet of information about the start of filming for 'Chinese Zodiac' - previously Jackie said 'March' but yesterday said that filming, this year, had been delayed because it was too cold and that filming would start in March, or April or May.....

Video of the press conference at SINA.COM

Film "Shaolin Temple" released yesterday, the main poster and 3-minute trailer, carrying the director Benny Chan starring Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing unveiled. Released on January 19 next year, "New Temple" will pull the curtain Spring competition schedule of the film, specifically to the crew yesterday Chupin Fang presented a pair of drumsticks, Jackie Chan and Benny Chan is in the field beating drums. Cooking monks played in the movie Jackie Chan jokes, said, "I picked up the spatula, put fist, site into cooking monk."

Announced yesterday the "new Shaolin Temple" posters in the main temple of the explosion set fire to the background scene, starring you look dignified. Duration 3 minutes trailer for Shaolin monks practice their moves in the opening screen, great scenes, breathtaking momentum, to highlight the unity of the spirit of Shaolin Chan Wu. Then shoot, melee, car chase, explosions and other action scenes successive exposure, the martial arts and weapons, staged a double battle, touching scenes of burning the Shaolin Temple, Jackie Chan's performance is raised to the scene bursts of laughter.

Jackie Chan said he played the role of the character is a grass-roots, is illiterate, does not cook kung fu monks, "but his life and cooking both from Buddhist insight on high, in the end Andy fathom what Zen can inspire , learn to let go. "

Jackie Chan's role is thought they will not Kung Fu, but in fact from the sweeping, and face, doing the daily bread of these are very deep in one kind of martial arts practice. Directed by Benny Chan said: "You do not see when Big Brother and the surface, rather then play Drunken posture. This is a newly invented big brother 'cooking power', to become a kung fu action cooking, his best."

Listen to the director of a boast, Jackie Chan modest up immediately, not invented by me, but everything in life really are the martial arts. Physical dough is cost, but also pay attention to strength and technique, kneading dough a day than ten years, it was over, you will be able to bounce off him for a hit. "Cook monk enlightenment is sloppy, the role of lovable character, in order to increase the humor, the director Benny Chan Jackie Chan with the Henan dialect specifically to interpret. To Jackie Chan in Cantonese and English are alone for, but really difficult to speak Henan dialect. "'boxing is not boxing, is training the mind, is Zen. 'There are more convoluted than this it harder lines are classical, it is difficult to talk about. In particular, I would also like the side of dough, while cooking, while speaking lines, but also the text of the play scruples and feelings of Andy Lau, it is difficult, because I always thought the pronunciation of words in Henan, it will distract the attention. "







December 28, Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing debut film "Shaolin Temple" posters, trailers and the main conference for the film momentum. Exhibition at the scene humorous side of Jackie Chan, the director first dig very standard Mandarin, but also film their own accent is a joke, "Shandong, Henan," and play to their 20 points in Henan dialect, then it is the main posters in the opening big show playing for a burst of applause and laughter attracted the scene.

On the martial arts: We wanted to make a stronger than foreigners

When asked whether the favored abroad when martial arts, Jackie Chan, Chinese martial arts that has been very popular in foreign countries, but wanted to make something of her own expertise to cater to foreign markets, do not shoot 3D, "spider Man" ("Spider-Man ") that, but we ranked them. Jackie said with a smile, "Even if I shoot 100 billion 3D, I also play, but they" would like the film we can only put in the country, is the kindergarten level to foreigners, so we wanted to make them stronger than the so that they learn us, then we can better learn them. Jackie Chan martial arts admonition directed to make an action movie to be careful not to rush the fly.

On the new work: Toupai will begin shooting the film early next year

This year's Lunar New Year stalls can be described as crowded, a reporter asked whether the idea Jackie Chan investment Lunar New Year stalls, in the busy then incumbent on the side of the Fan Bingbing said "ah", Jackie Chan smiled default, saying the film Toupai to begin Last year, because the work took too much, this would have been planned, "Zodiac" because "too cold" not implemented next year by the end of March, April or May is about to start shooting new movie, and now is being changed, "Revolution "But he is also the default Fan Bingbing site may be participating next year's new works.








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