Sunday, December 6, 2009

Remember this ....

Remember I posted this story about Jackie Chan Wetland a while back?

Well today there was news about the same town again ... and I managed to find exactly where it is.

First things first.

Location of Yunlin County in Taiwan

Location of Kouhu Township in Yunlin County

Shows Yunlin and Chiayi the city mentioned in the article below

Today's news tells about the shortage of books in libraries in Chenglong (Proper English Name) and how there was a drive to get people to donate books.

Kids do not read the book, Yunlin, Chiayi folks to phase-ting! Jackie Chan Kouhu Township, Yunlin County in remote primary schools, although there are libraries, but not enough books can be seen; yesterday, Chiayi Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, the South China University held a "one book, I Love," a Christmas concert lighting, the hope that the kids can see there are good books.

The spread of Nanhua University student was informed that the composition of the PR team of Jackie Chan Elementary School a library, but no budget to buy enough books, so look for Yunlin County, Chiayi Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and other units to do, and hope that allow people to book donations Jackie Chan, the country is small, so that children can read the books.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Forreal and Chiayi held last night, "light up hope" concert lighting, producing a large 8-meter high Christmas tree and dreams LED Light Gallery, so that Christmas is full of Chiayi City Chueiyang atmosphere, many people gathered in the vicinity, are say, "Oh, it's beautiful!" We learned that some of the kids need books, but also said it will donate a book at home.

Xi-chun, deputy mayor of Chiayi City to participate in lighting, he said, mouth Tahu is a well-known scholar Zheng Feng Xi's hometown, but a lack of resources, the library no books I hope you join in. so kids can see more and better books .

Nanhua University Forreal team, said, "a book I love," to raise time to 25th of this month ended this month, 11 to 13 stores in Carrefour Chiayi She Tan had raised the book. People want to book donations, please contact Chen Qiao Ying classmates, Tel: 0989100878.


Going back to the article about the wetlands I found a webpage for the wetland TRANSLATED


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