Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dragon's Heart News

Jackie sent 84 sets of warm clothing to poverty stricken and disabled residents of Yanji City, Jilin Province. 28 families attended the ceremony to hand over the warm winter clothes.

The afternoon of December 22, the state-cum-together was held in Yanji City, Charity Chan's "Dragon Seed Heart" project of the Working Group as "Dragon Seed Heart" poverty-stricken people with disabilities residential homes winter clothes distribution ceremony. The ceremony, on behalf of 28 residents came to the scene for themselves and their families received the cotton-padded clothes. Although they each person has different degrees of disability, but after wearing cotton-padded clothes, his face showing a different kind warm smile.

It is understood that Jackie Chan went to Beijing a few days ago when he heard "Dragon Seed Heart" project of the Working Group will go to some parts of Jilin Province condolences miss played a new Economic Development Zone is located in Yanji city, "Dragon Seed Heart" place to live inside the 28 poverty-stricken Area families of disabled people, asked Miss Deng Jun, director of the Working Group said: "The cold winter of the Northeast and hope 'Dragon Seed Heart' homes residential households in the attention of the body, do not cold, I will see them empty." Jun Deng said, , in addition to people warm words, Jackie Chan also sent someone ordered the 84 cotton-padded clothes, transportation to the Yanji City Charity Federation, through the charitable arm of a unified distributed to 28 of 84 populations.

LI Zhen-Yu is a resident on behalf of physically disabled persons, the age of six suffering from polio left leg disability. She told reporters that when she and her family life is very embarrassment, when the mind has become very fragile, "Dragon Seed Heart" Home Safety District Office, she had a place to live. The formal inauguration of this year after the district's first winter, the family has put on a special ordered for them, "Dragon Seed Heart" cotton-padded clothes, this care if a fire, people with disabilities in the poverty-stricken heart is always warm, and bright.

Source: Yanbian News or TRANSLATED


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